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Made by a Fabricista: Bold Colors and Vogue 1394

Days before I depart on vacation, I had several yards of this beautiful fabric from Fabric Mart Fabrics (HERE) and no ideas of what to make.  The fabric literally spoke to me!  I searched and searched through my pattern stash and came across V1394.  I opted to use this pattern because as a challenge to my patience.  I've had this pattern for quite some time, but as you may know if you follow me, I don't wear dresses that often.  I tend to choose those easy, and time friendly projects that I can whip up in one day and move on to the next.

I made the following adjustments to the pattern:
1) I shortened the shirt by 2 inches.

2) I lined the bodice of the dress only.
3) I extended the buttons in the back to the bottom of the dress,

The pleats on this dress alone took me an hour.  In all, there are a total of 21 pleats!

The remainder of the dress was constructed as per the pattern instructions.  I must say, I admired the 6 pieces that constructed the skirt, I might actually use it again for a nice flared skirt instead of the traditional circle skirt,

Happy Sewing!
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Mothers Day Sew-A-Long

Mothers Day There is nothing better than being able to share your craft with the ones you love.  

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The Fastest 2 Piece ever!

Hello there again!  

Below is a quick 2 piece I created from a paneled ITY knit from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  I absolutely fell in love with fabric but was not sure exactly what I would do with it.  Since I was running short on creative time, I opted to create a crop top and simple pencil skirt.  If you are wanting a look similar to this, the easiest route would be to use M6886 and separate the top from the bottom.  

Happy Sewing!

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Mesh Is The New Tulle!

Top of the morning!!

One one of many sales on Fabric Mart Fabrics, I was able to score 10 yards of multicolored mesh at a whopping $1.99 per yard.  I took 6 yards of this mesh and created a mini skirt, perfect for my vacation that is approaching.  I gathered a total of 216 inches!!!!  I doubled the fabric because it is after all... mesh!  My top is a very simple V8815 crop which is my go to for crop shirts. I paired this with a simply gold chain and bracelet, with Alexander McQueen Sandals. 

I hope you like! 

Happy Sewing!

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Sew Red - Vogue 9075

For the first time this year, the weather consistently rose above 60 degrees.  The long awaited Spring has arrived and haven't failed me yet (fingers crossed).

Today's dressy jumpsuit is courtesy Vogue Pattern 9075 found (HERE).   The Fabric is a "hot tamale poly/twill suiting from Fabric Mart Fabrics found (HERE),  Once I saw the color, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!

This is one of the simplest patterns I've sewn in a while.  In under 3 hours, I had a completed garment.  Instead of lining this top, I opted to create a facing for the center front, and center back pieces, using the original pattern piece.  

Once attached, The pattern piece and the facing (both with finished edges) were pressed towards the facing, under stitched, clipped in the curve.

I repeated this step for the (2) center back pieces.

From here, all other steps should be according to the manufacturer's instruction.  I will be completely honest, this pattern is so simple, I did not read the instructions at all!  I assembled the pants, put the pockets on, sewn my pleats (which I laid flat instead of towards the center front), a double hem on the sleeves and pants, added the a zipper and that was IT!  You cannot construct a jumpsuit any simpler!.

  And there you have it!  I can't wait to wear this over the spring/summer. 

Happy Sewing!

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"Sew-whatcha-McCall-it" Jumpsuit M6436 + M6610

This is a super late post, but wanted to share after completely forgetting to post my bday jumpsuit "Sew-whatcha-McCall-it"

I think at this point you couldn't have been surprised I made yet another jumpsuit for my Bday... Why of course!!! :)

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DIY Escada Inspired Jumpsuit: Get the look for less!

As the snow begins to melt, and the temperature rises above freezing, spring prep is in full swing!  I got off to a late start this year, but in any event, I thought this would be a great way to leap into spring wear!

One of the great things about having or being part of a sewing group is are inspirations.  There is no question, I live for jumpsuits!  Because of this, I jump at every opportunity to recreate or design jumpsuits that are unique in their own right.

The inspiration for this jumpsuit came from Escada's Spring 2015 line.  An actress (Tracee Ellis Ross) wore the jumpsuit in green and I was instantly in love.  I could not think of any patterns that I could use to recreate the top of the jumpsuit, so I decided to draft a pattern by draping on my dress form.   The bottom of the jumpsuit is a drafted wide leg pant from McCalls 6930 (my go to sloper) for a close fit. 


I choose 4 yards of a Coral, light weight linen from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  The color option is no longer available due to a recent sale, but other options can be found (HERE), (HERE), (HERE), & (HERE).

I took the first night of this process draping muslin on my dress form in order to accomplish the perfect drape to the flounce on the side.  I had no intentions of putting darts anywhere on this jumpsuit, so this process was completed fairly quickly.  I draped only one side as the bodice and top flounce were to be cut on the fold.  I was able to use these three pieces for the front and back pattern pieces.

This is only the second time I have draped muslin for a garment. The first time was so successful, I had no doubt I would be able to come up with a great concept to achieve this look.  This was one of those times when YT and Craftsy were my best friends.  I would watch draping videos over and over again!

Once I completed the muslin pieces, I was able to proceed as usual.  This project can be completed within a matter of 4-5 hours start to finish.  I am all about projects that I can start and finish in the same day, so I was pleased with how quick I was able to get through the entire process.

I was not able to find this jumpsuit for sale anywhere, but less complicated pieces from Escada are currently for sale for over $1200... Total cost for you to make this yourself????? Less than $50!!!

I created a YT Tutorial for this jumpsuit of which I hope you all will enjoy :)

You can access the YouTube Tutorial (HERE

Happy Sewing! 
- Jenese 
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