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Custom Fit Dress Form

Ahhhh the feeling of starting a week after a holiday....

I hope you all enjoyed it.

I got a lot of sewing done over the weekend. I had all intentions of posting the pictures today but its soooo ugly outside. Instead I wanted to share with you the custom fitted dress form I purchased from JoAnn's fabric. The form is normally $289 but I was able to use my 40% off coupon courtesy of my JoAnn App as well as an additional 10% off my entire order, gotta love it.

I brought the form home and began fitting it according to my measurements. I bought a small because my size was too close to the smaller end of the medium. Should I lose any weight which I intend to... I would have sized myself out of medium.

The instructions tell you to start with the neck fitting. I found that once I got down to the height, waist then thighs, I was altering the previous fitting I completed. In order to prevent this, I would suggest starting at the bottom and working your way up!

The knobs were better tough to adjust towards the end. I broke a couple nails before I decided to use my fabric scissors smh.

Any who, check it out! I would suggest an adjustable form for anyone needing a form. My first dress form I purchased nearly 10 years ago. Needless to say, I am no where near a 24" waist!

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Shoe Haul!!!!

So I told you (2) valuable things about me this week. (1) in love L.A.M.B, and (2) I had all intentions of sitting in front of my computer at 10:59 am this morning in order to catch this Giuseppe sale on ruelala. This morning as I was "working", I decided to browse Hautelook on yesterday's sale. I mean.... I had to burn time til 11, right??? Anywho, I ran across these L.A.M.B wedge saddles that I could not resist. They were on sale for $116 down from $385.... No brainer although I'm kinda over wedges. Knowing this brand they will be tall to the Gods which is right up my alley. I get these the first week of June, no rush....just L.A.M.B!

Then came 10:59.... I'm refreshing, and refreshing, and refreshing.... I pulled up the app on my phone..... Nothing!!!! The sale didn't start til around 11:06 and it was on (Don't judge me). I was able to cop the baddest pair they had on there a mustard colored suede peep toe platform pump yeeeeeeesss! On sale - $319 from $795.... Boom......pow..... How you like me now! I had to get these expedited so I can have them on Monday, I can't wait.

Check them out!

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You have been warned

Yes GAWD Thursday:
Giuseppe Zanotii goes on sale tomorrow on www.ruelala.com. I don't know what you will be doing at 11am, but umm.... I will be shopping. Actually I need to hurry from a doctors appointment because I will need to stick and move faster than I can on their App. The last time I caught this sale I got a pair of NASTY (in a good way) sandals for $159... Yup I did that!

Check it out & you are welcome!

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There is no question..... I L-O-V-E..... L.A.M.B! Ever since Gwen Stephanie decided she would venture into fashion I have been obsessed. To date I own 8 pairs. There is nothing more enlightening than seeing those black and white striped shoe boxes lol.
But today.......honey...... I spotted my next pair! These L.A.M.B Payton sandals gave me so much life yes GAWD!!!! You can find these on www.nordstrom.com my favorite department store for $250. What do you think????? Honestly I don't wear much Orange, but for these I will make an exception!

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Ok, I'm a little too excited about starting this blog!! Anyway, I spend a large portion of my day looking for things associated with fashion.  This includes shoes, clothes, bags, makeup, down to fabric and patterns because I sew.  I wanted to create a platform to share my point of view as well as projects in case there are anyone out there that is interested. 

The types of posts we will be making will be of the same nature of information we share amongst friends.  I commit to do my best to provide you with all the little nic nacks, sales, and fabulous projects I manage to find in my spare time along with some health and family
.  I hope you enjoy!!!!

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