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DIY Hand Painted Jeans

There was an inspiration picture of some jeans that was posted on my sewing group that I fell absolutely IN LOVE with.  I decided to create them on my own using fabric paint and frog tape from JoAnns...

I used the same jeans that I used to create my wide leg white pants then placed a skinny pair on top for draft the legs to make a skinny version without any back pockets and a side zipper.


After cutting the front and back pieces, it was time to taper the legs

The back..

After the adjustments for the width of my legs were made, I was ready to cut out the inner part of my jeans there were not to be panted.  I started 4 inches from the side seam of the fron leg and drafted down the the bottom.  I cut this piece out and layed it on top of the other fron leg to duplicate.

Next, I taped off the already I wanted paint.  Below is my first attempt that went horribly wrong.

Frog tape is HIGHLY recommended when painting fabrics.... I learned this the hard way.  I got the right tape and created a new pattern... I used spare cardboard this time to paint as well. 

The instructions for fabric paint calls for (4) hours of drying.  I only waited 1 1/2 with a fan blowing on the fabric before I took the tape off and sewn the pieces together.  Results below.

I had to take the smallest paint brush I had and evened up some of the edges. Other than that I was VERY pleased with the outcome and cant wait to do it again. 
The remainder of the construction of these pants were completed as per normal pants construction.  I did add the front pockets as I did in my other (2) jeans pictorials. 
The next steps are join the front pcs that were cut off.  Attach the front and back pcs, sew the crotch, add the waistband, and lastly the side zipper.  Dont forget to serge your edges!!! I hope you like!!!!

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DIY Customer Shorts Overalls

Good morning loves!!!!!

While flipping through my inspirations photos, I came across these overall shorts that I saved well over a month ago from here

First things first.  I decided to draft the short for these overalls from my previous post DIY drafted shorts from an existing pair pictorial
I widened the seams 1inch in the crotch acrea and 1.5 everywhere else.  I also accounted for the waistband because the these shorts will not have a waistband BUT will have a 1inch higher waist than the original shorts.  I cut (4) pcs exact.
Next it was time to draft the overall.  I wanted the bottom portion of my overall to be 6 inches and curve out from there.  I also wanted my straps to be longer than my estimated lenth of 25" to account for any adjustments I needed to make, so I cut them 32 inches (I did this is 2 pieces)
As you can see below I pivetted the angle for my shape because these straps will over over my breast and did not want the portion right over my breast to gape out (this was my oen logic, not any specific technique).  I believe you may be able to achieve the same look with staiaght lines as well. 

My bib is 10 inches wide (desided width plus 1 inch).  Once I drafted my shape (above) I cut the bottom, and drafted side only.  I then folded the pattern in half to duplicate the shape on the other side.
Next its time to cut out the bib to shape.  I grabbed my curved ruler and drafted out the shape on one side. Again, I choose to but this curve in 7 inches above the bottom of my pattern.
When doing this, you want to curve your ruler to eliminate any sharp edges!!
Once drafted, I cut the pattern folded for even duplication.
Next its time to Sew!!!! 
I sewed the seams of all 4 pcs and inserted my side zipper as indicated in my shorts pictorial.
Thenext thing I did was put 4 5/8 inch box darts in the fron of the shorts.  (this is consistant with the shape of MY shorts and may differ with yours.
Next I put 2 standard darts in the back
After this was completed, I ddouble hemmed the bottom of my shorts and single hemmed the top... Done!

Next its time to insert the Bib.  I pinned the bid to the inside of the waist hem and sew'd along the hem line.

Now its time to draft the back bib (if that is what it is called lol).  I pretty much eyeballed this with 2.5 inch width by 9 inchs.

  I drafted the curve with my curved ruler and folder over th duplicate.

Now its time to pin and sew.  The bak bid is sewn exaclty like the front. Ensure you line up the middle of your bibs with your center seams!


And that is it.  I added 2 bottons the back bid and used my sewing machine to create 2 horizontal button holes.




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DIY Jeans Deconstruction for Pattern

Ok, so I took a long hard look in my closet for the one pair of jean I owned that I would not mind sacrificing for the sake of a pattern.  I wanted to create a unique pair of white jeans (my fav) that would fit me like a glove.  Anyone that knows me I live for a great pair of jeans and am a collector of sorts.  So here we go!!!

I cut the front, back, yoke and waist band off all 1 inch from the edge of the fabric.  The pockets I self drafted from another pair.


For construction of jeans please see my DIY floral pants pictorial.  All other steps are the same (some pics below).

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DIY Pleated Skirt (no pattern)

Ever have just enough fabric to literally "throw" something together?  I have neen looking at this blue fabric for a couple of weeks.  I had just over a yard left after making a pair of jeans for a friend and decided I wanted a simple and fast pleated skirt.  There is not much madness to making a skirt like that.  If you know how to put on a zipper, you are pretty much golden.
Step #1 I cut out 4 inches of the fabric along the length of the fabric and folded.
Step #2  I double hemmed what would be the bottom of the skirt,

Step #3 Using my pattern weights, I pleated my fabric and keeping in mind I needed the complete garment to be no less than 29 inches (my waist plus 1 inch).

Step #4 I slid my weights down and placed my waistband on top of my pleats and pinned.  Once pinning was complete, I removed the weights. 

Step #5 Sew your waist band on using a  standard 5/8 inch seam allowance.

Step#6 Sew your side seams together and insert your zipper

Step #7 You are DONE!!!!
I hope you guys like my quick skirt!  I think it was a perfect use of the extra fabric.

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