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DIY M6959 Top Revamped and Summer Leather Bottoms!

Good Evening Sew Family,

Below is my second installment to April's Sew - A - Long in Needles and Fashion sewing group.

I created another tutorial on how I replaced the yoke on this pattern with spaghetti straps here  I seriously need to invest in some lighting and editing software (I know I know).  But for now, this is something I do as a relief and I look forward to increasing the quality in the coming months.

I paired this shirt with a suede circle skirt I created on Friday.  I am in love with the fabric and cannot wait to find somewhere to wear it.  I got the cow hide suede from Fabric Mart Fabric on sale last week and it is no longer available.  

I also paired this shirt with M6930 shorts that are a navy lambskin of which I also got from Fabric Mart Fabrics on sale.  Gotta love this time of year when leather is on sale.  I personally will wear leather all year round depending on the setting.

Hope you enjoy

Happy Sewing!
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DIY Simplicity 1429 Revamped

Great day all!

So I was in sewing hyper drive today and made a couple pieces I have been planning on for the last week.  The first of which are these sweatpants.  

I purchases this pattern specifically for these pants.  You can say its an ode to my tomboy side :)

I also created a YT video on the construction here

Happy Sewing!

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DIY M6930 Shorts and self drafted top

These shorts are going to be another staple of mines very similar to M6756.  It is basically the same pattern with a side zipper.  I purchased it knowing this but wanted to check the fit.  The fit is exactly the same and I love it.  I will definately be drafting some pants out of these as well.

The top I drafted from the bodice of another pattern, cropped and added the back tail.  I cannot remember what pattern it is so please forgive me.  I hated it when I made it but it looks cute with these shorts.

The fabric for the shorts is from Joann's here  I used the wrong side of the fabric and did the pockets in the right side.  I hope you love it like I do :)

Shoes are Brian Atwood.


Happy Sewing
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DIY M6848 Romper Needles and Fashion Sew-A-Long April #1

Great day everyone!
I can finally say SPRING IS IN THE AIR!! Yay!!!
The weather has been so unpredictable lately and with all the pleasure of the day I took my first warm pics of the day in my yard.  I cant describe the joy spring brings... I am over joyed.
My FB group has several sew-a-longs for the month of April and M6848 is the first pattern I covered.  I will be working on doing YT tutorials for the sew-a-long patterns to assist newcomers the manner in which I construct each garment.  I hope you love it!
The fabric I used is from Joann's fabric found here  The price is normally $12.99 per yard but I was able to use my 50% off mobile coupon #bloop! lol.
I also created a YT video on the construction.  I didnt add the front pocket as I was not very fond of it and added a back zipper.  The pattern did not call for one, but I added it just in case.  Guess what???? It was not needed. Oh well, better safe than sorry!
You can view the YT tutorial here
My shoes are L.A.M.B (old)

Happy Sewing!!!!
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DIY Faux Leather high waist Cover Up Skirt (no machine required)

Great Afternoon!
On last night I created a cover up/all skirt in preparation of my much needed vacation.  I have had the image of this skirt in my head for the longest time and finally set aside some bandwidth to create it.  This is a quick and easy project to complete and can be accomplished on all sewing levels.
Supplies Needed for this Project:
Faux Leather (1 Yard 60" can be cut on the fold for this project and used to make 2)
Rotary Cutter
Black thread
(1) Hook and Eye
Time to complete: 1 hour
I purchased this awesomesauce fabric from JoAnns it is normally $8.99 per yard.  With my 50% off coupon, I paid $4.50 for a yard of this fabric.  I couldnt find it on their website but it has to be new.  I often check out the faux leather section and I can honestly say, this leather is very soft and the wrong side has a nice sheen to it.  It is simply beautiful unlike some of the harder styles they have had in the past.
So the first thing I did was create (2) 2" straps the lenght of my waist pluse 1 inch.
Next I seamed these two pcs on one side and trimmed the excess seam allowance.  I then placed folded muslin on top of the leather and pressed it carefully.

I then folded and pined the wrong sides together and pressed again.
Next, I cut out a piece of leather the length of my waist plus one inch by the lengh I wanted which was about 30 inches.  Using my grid ruler I began making 1/2 inch slits from the bottom of my fabric to an inch from the top edge.  It is important that you do this with a rotary cutter.  Using scissors will create uneven lines.
Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
All done!!
Up Next, insert your skirt (top 1 inch) into your waistband and pin....

Next... and this is the most important part... HAND sew your waistband to the skirt.  Do NOT attempt to sew this with your machine, the leather stretches and sewing with your machine will without a doubt ruin the fabric (be there, done that, took a picture)
Attached your Hook and Eye.....
and that is it!!! I am in LOVE with this skirt and cant wait to wear it on my vacation in June.
Happy Sewing




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DIY Pencil Top Circle Skirt and Revamped Triangle Top

Back again!

I created this skirt freehand the other night, I didnt have enough fabric to do what I REALLY wanted to do with the circle part, but I love it just the same.

So the concept with this skirt is to create the top as you would a pencil skirt and add the botton cut as a long circle skirt.  I had way too little of this beautiful fabric from Mood here 

The top I drafted on an earlier post and made a few changes.  I changed the enclosure to the front using a seperating zipper and and create cross straps for the back. You can access the earlier post for the triangle top here

I hope you all like :)  happy sewing!
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DIY Square Shirt (super easy) and Jean-ius Jeans!!!

Good Morning Lovely People!!!!!!

On last week, I created a simple square top that is very simple and effortless to make as well as jeans constructed from my very first Craftsy class you can find here.  While the entire process took me a total of 10 hours, I am very pleased with the outcome. 

I purchased a groupon for craftsy class that you can access here.  I was given the link to the groupon deal from a member of my FB group AFTER I purchased Jean-ius for $39.99 on sale (the price is back up to $49.99 now).  SO USE THE GROUPON WHILE IT LASTS!!!! I have a variety of other classes I need to watch when time allows.

I purchased the stretch twill (denim like) fabric from mood here.  I love bold prints and this caught my eye immediately.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the fabric!

I created a Youtube Video for the tutorial and hope you all enjoy!

Tutorial Link  Here

Disclaimer (LOL):  After I created the top I inserted (2) 3 inch darts at the bust.  The shirt was a little TOO square in the end :)

- J

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