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DIY African Print Anakara Dress/Jacket using M6844

Hello Again,

This is just a quick post on an Ankara dress I made using pattern M6844 with a widened peplum and widened sleeve.  I already covered the widening of the peplum in another post Here.  I added a diagonal JACKET zipper to this dress as well.

Fabric can be found on www.aknfabricsandtextiles.com

More to come!


- J


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DIY Pencil Skirt and Top - work wear

Good day all,

I wanted to share a quick project I worked on this past weekend.  I spend a lot of time making clothes for the spring and totally neglect my work attire.  I saw this fabric in the upholstery section and instantly knew what I wanted to do with it. 

Hope you enjoy !!!


The key to making a pncil skirt is really simple.  The same rules apply whether you want the zipper in the back or on the side.

First I measured my waist (entire waist, please 2 inches divided in half) and marked my fabric:


Next, I made a marking for my hip measurement (entire hip plus 2 inches divided in half) and mark.  I made the marking exaclty 9 inches below my waist marking which is the distance from my belly button to the widest part of my hip a la booty :)

Next I made a marking for the length of my skirt (length from waist down to your stopping point plus 2 inches for hem) and mark.
Then, I alter the hem marking with the the wideness needed for the bottom of my skirt for me, that is 7 inches.  I added an inch for seam allowance and marked.
Next I connect my waist measurement with my hip measurement.  I curve the seamline with my french curve...
And connect the hip line to the skirt bottom measurement.
Its rather difficult to see, but I complete the draft with the drafting the lines back to my center fold.  I also add (3) inches above the waist measurement for my waistband.
Now its time to cut.....

I then duplicate this measurement for the back pieces.  NOTE: I ended up having to cut off extra fabric in the hip area.  This can be accomplished by drafting the waist measurement about 2 inches slimmer than what I cut.
Next I split my back piece in half for my cetner back seam, back slit and zipper insertion.
Now its time to sew!  First you want to sew the side seams for the front and back pieces.  Once completed, you can sew the center back with an 8 inch allowance at the top for my zipper and an 8 inch allowance at the bottom for my slit. 
And connect your waist band pieces and fold in half.
Now its time to insert the waistband, zipper and sew the hem.... just like that you are done!!

Seems like a long process, but it really is not.  You can accomplish this skirt in less than an hour on any sewing skill level!!
I created the shirt from another tank I had :)












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DIY M6756 Shorts using Upholstery Fabric!

Hello again,

So.... I was in JoAnns the other day and saw this fabric that was to DIE for!  I didnt know what it was but was determined to make some shorts out of it.  There was only .444 of a yard, but I got it for $10 using my coupon.  Normally, this fabric is $45 per yard... whew!!!!

I didnt have enough fabric to make a waistband, but with the thickness of the fabric, I was able to still pull it off.  Enjoy!!! MUAH


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DIY Abstract Ankara Wide Leg Pants

Back again! :)

Below are the Abstract Ankara Fabric wide leg pants I created with fabric purchased from www.aknfabricsandtextiles.com they are really reasonable, each of the fabrics I used were $15 for 6 yards. 

The construction of these pants are exactly the same as my houndstooth wide leg pants using M6756 (my go to pattern) with the following adjustments:

When cutting the front and back of my shorts, I subtracted 2 inches from the side seam to allow for the alternate fabric AND using the following tutorial from my jumpsuit to draft the pants:

Once you cut your front and back pcs (minus 2 inches from the side seam).  Cut (2) 5 by (length chosen) pcs to add to your side seam.  For me, that would be 5 by 47 inches. Once you cut these out, cut each piece in half as per below:  (when cutting your piece, be sure to strategically place your measurement in an area of the fabric that compliments your other fabric).

Next, you are going to sew these pieces to your front and back pieces at the side seams using a 1/4 side seam.  I also serged all of my edges to prevent the fraying of my fabric:


Next you are going to place your original pattern piece on your fabric and cut off any excess fabric especially the curve in the waist area.
After you do this, you follow the basic instructions for M6756 adding your pocket and your waistband.  I also used the contrasting fabric for my waistband.
I hope you like!!

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DIY M6886 - This week's Sew-A-Long on Needles and Fashion FB Group

Hello Darlings!

I have been a little MIA lately thanks to being under the weather last weekend and recoving this week.  One of the Sew-A-Long's we had this week was McCalls 6886. I made minor adjustments for a better fit using fabric I purchased from www.fabric.com about 6-7 months ago.

I'm snowed is this weekend so I have plenty more to come!!!


- J

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DIY Bubble Sleeve Little Dress / Shirt

Happy Friday Sew Family!!
On last night I did a quick aseembly of (2) dresses I drafted from my existing V8815 Pattern.
This dress can be constructed using any pattern you have with a bodice.  I used V8815 because it has darts.  This means, if I do not use the darts, I can get that loose tshirt drape.  While I have never attempted the creation of a Tshirt pattern, this dress can also be constructed using a Tshirt as you will get the same effect.
Fabric: Blue - Ponte Roma  Black - Double Knit
First, I place my front Bodice on the fold of my fabric.  I mark my length from the shoulder seam to where I want y skirt to stop plus one inch.  For me that is 34 inches as per below.
I proceed to cut the front piece of my dress
Next, I will adjust my neck line.  I wanted a more relax neck line than the original pattern so I decided to take 2 inches off and round my neck line out using my french curve.  You can eyeball this if you do not have a curved ruler or use a can/bottle etc....
As you can see, I cut more of the shoulder seam than the chest area fabric.  I will now measure my remaining shoulder wdith to match with my back piece.
Great! 3 1/4 inches.  Now to move on to the back..
I grabbed my back bodice and repeated the steps for my length as I did for the front and cut.
I made a mark for my 3 1/4 adjustment to the neck line  and rounded it out with my french curve.
Next is the Sleeves.
The first thing I did with this pattern is shorten the sleeves by 5 inches.
I then added an inch to both sides at the arm pits and widened the sleeve.
I cut my sleeves and we are ready to sew!!

I will start with teh pinning and sewing of my shoulder seams.

Next I will attach my sleeves.  I find this easier to accomplish BEFORE I sew my side seams. 
Place your sleeve cutout on the right side of your garment at the shoulder seam and pin both ends.  Sew using a 5/8 seam allowance.

Pull your ease and sew using 5/8 seam allowance.
Now that my sleeves are attached, I can proceed to the pinning and sewing of my side seams starting at the end of my sleeve all the way down to the bottom of my dress with a 5/8 seam allowance.
Next you want to sew your neck line using a 5/8 seam allowance.
We are almost there!
Next you are going to cut your side slits.  I made mines rather wide, you can narrow yours as you see fit.
The first thing I did was measure 5 inches from the bottom of my dress to where I want my slit to end.  As an after thought, I may do 3-4 on my next dress :).  Mark this measurement on both sides.

Use your french curve or other curved device to determine how wide you want your slit.  do this evenly for both sides, s you can see I used my ruler to mark my curve measurements which is 5 x 4 inches.

Cut your fabric and hem the bottom using 5/8 seam allowance.

The last thing you need to do is add elastic to your sleeves.  Fold your fabric 1 inch pin and sew using 1/8 inch seam allowance leaving an inch and half open to insert your elastic.
I measured my arm and decided to add a 10 inch piece of elastic for both arms.
Insert into your elastic and close your opening on both arm.
FINISHED!!!!  woo hoo!  You can wear this as a shirt or a dress. (My blue is 3 inches shorter than my black dress)
I hope you enjoyed this pictorial and I look forward to making more!@



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