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DIY OOTD 4 panel striped skirt.

Afternoon family!

I wanted to share with you my OOTD.  The best part of spring/summer is changing up my work attire.  Ok...... I haven't done much laundry this week lol!

The skirt below was constructed by essentially cutting (2) circle skirts and sewing them together as (1) i.e. 4 panels.  I made this skirt a couple of weeks ago and deleted the pictures my mistake :(.  The skirt is attached to a 2 inch waistband  with 1 inch pleats and a fashion jeans zipper in the back.  I had to work with the pleat size to get the a consistent pleat pattern.  to do this, I pinned the skirt to both ends of my 29 inch waistband, pinned the middle seam to the 14.5 inch (halfway) mark, then pinned the 7.25 inch mark for the second and 4th panel.  This put the seam for each panel 7.25 inches away from each other and allowed me to determine the amount and size of pleats I wanted.  once I was able to do this with on panel, I duplicated the same to the other four.

The fabric is actually upholstery fabric from JoAnn's that I have been holding onto for about 2 months. 

Shirt: H&M 
Shoes: L.A.M.B

Hope you like!

Happy Sewing!


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DIY highwaisted swimsuit M5400


As I count down the days, hours, and minutes until my vacation, it was time to tackle the on thing I did not want to make.... another swimsuit.  I am making any and all attempts to wear garments I've constructed with care for the entire duration of my trip (with exceptions here and there...).  In an efffort to have a different swimsuit per day, I opted to make this number.  The top is a very standard triangle top with bust and neck strap.  The bottom is a variation of M5400 with a 4 inches added to the top.  

I was able to test it out at the pool with my favorite girl :)

Happy Sewing!

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Brunch with Sew Sisters DMV Area Meetup + DIY Romper using S1880 & M6848

Hello Sew Family!

After much anticipation, I was able to chop it up brunch style with a group of amazing women that are a part of my Needles and Fashion FB group.  Oh what a time I had!  You would have thought we all knew each other for years if you sat next to us or was at the other end of the restaurant looking up at the sound of our continued laughter!

It was great to put faces and names together outside of our FB communications, each and every one of these ladies had a different story, different background and plenty of sewing woes!  I cannot express how much of a good time I had!

We all made swap gifts to exchange which was rather fun and the organizer Tasha even made each of us a N&F plague to take home.... This was too special and dear to my heart.

So.... I got up at 5:30am to begin on my fit for the day.  I have been wanting this romper FOREVER.  After a failed attempt last week, I was able to get the perfect pattern mix!  I began this journey with 2 yards of this floral fabric purchased from Joann's (cannot locate online but its in stores!).  I used Simplicity Pattern 1880 view B for the top of McCalls 6848 view D for the bottom. 

The first thing I did was extend the bodice by 8 inches (front, back and facing)

The rest was constructed as per the pattern directions and I absolutely loved the way it came out!  I paired the Romper with an ivory H&M Clutch and suede Alexander McQueen sandals.  

Look at my beautiful sew sisters!!!!!!

"When sisters stand shoulder the shoulder, who stands a chance against us" ~ Pam Brown

Happy Sewing!!!!

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DIY Floral Top M6961 Needles and Fashion May Sew -A-Long

Back Again!

Here is another pattern from Needles and Fashion FB Group sew-a-long for May McCalls 6961.  I must say, as much as I want to get away from peplums, I absolutely love this top.  It will definitely be one of the pieces that I take with me on vacation in a couple weeks!

I paired this shirt with my wide leg Jeans featured on the blog in February.  Because these are twill instead of denim, they make a perfect pairing even though it rather hot outside. 

I got this Fabric from JoAnn's on red tag and am unable to locate for the link.  I believe I paid $6 per yard for this fabric and have enough left to make my daughter a pair of shorts (score)!!!

My purse is Rebecca Minkoff which goes perfectly with this top.
Love?  Absolutely!

Happy Sewing!!

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DIY Floral Jumpsuit Simplicity 1355/S0565 Needles and Fashion May Sew A Long

Afternoon Lovely!

Wow is all I can say. Spring is in full bloom and we start another month of the year. May was a pretty busy month me, I got a lot of sewing done, but not a lot of posting. I have been running non stop especially professionally whew!!! I hope things level out this month because a sister need a little breather! I will be catching up on posting over the next couple of days while I begin to tackle the projects aligned for June. One of the sew-a-long patterns for May was 1355. I am pretty much a jumpsuit junkie, along with most of the members in my sewing group. When 1355 became available, I jumped on it right away!. I cut the pants for view A and the top of view C. This pattern was pretty easy to sew, took about 2 hours total from cut to finish and with the fabric, my total cost was around $25. TUH!!!!!!

The Fabric was purchased from Joanns at 40% off of $14.99 Here

Its a silky crepe fabric that I have purchased specifically for this pattern.   I will be making this jumpsuit again this month and will do a tutorial as well. I tapered the leg a bit as well.

Oh and my roses bloomed!!!!

Happy Sewing!!!

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