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Made by a Fabricista: Strapless Jumpsuit V8766 & M6756

I am completely loving the weather we are having lately!  This time last year, it snowed twice already.  How did we did we get so fortunate to have 60 degree plus weather? Any who, my project for this week is a strapless jumpsuit I have been wanting to make for some time now.

The fabric is Chili Red pepper Gabardine suiting from Fabric Mart.

While this fabric is no longer available, a great substitution would be (here) and (here).  Denim would be a great choice as well as the Gabardine has the consistency of 4-5 ounce denim with absolutely no stretch.  The color is very vibrant and one of my go to's for pops of color in the fall.  I am thinking about wearing this to bring in the new year.

The top  of this jumpsuit was constructed using the top of V8766.  I thought and thought for quite some time about making this top as I am NOT a fan of tube/strapless tops.  I absolutely LOVE the look but the execution for me has always been troublesome.  Whether it is retail or created, a top, dress, or a jumpsuit, I often have to get creative with the top for comfort and keep the "pull ups" to a minimal.  I actually have this same issue with each and every strapless bra I have ever purchased (TMI).  On the flip side, I have constructed garments for others with this and other patterns with no issues at all.  I am beginning its just a defect in my body type lol.

For the construction, I used the following boning.  The pattern calls for boning on the sides only, but I added it to the front as well.  I think we've already established I need support!

For the bottom, I used M6756 drafted into pants.  I made a sloper of this pattern so I can change the pockets and zipper placement etc....  I am a sucker for wide leg pants and think I took more than enough time off from making them :).

All in all, I love this look. It was gloomy outside, but the weather was beautiful!  I also created the clutch for this outfit which is part of a group of clutches I am making and am excited about!  See the shop tab for more details!

Happy Sewing and upcoming New Years to you all!

- Jenese

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GIVEAWAY!!!!! Come on in!

Morning Loves!

Today Needles and Fashion starts what will be, regular giveaways.  YAAAAY!  

I'm a pretty impulsive person, so when I purchase fabric, I often purchase 1) All that is left 2) Way more than I need.  The unfortunate part of this is I rarely use the same materials more than once (unless its denim).  This fabric was purchased from Fabric Mart Fabrics.

But that's good for you!  Here's how:

Follow me on IG  (HERE)
Like the Needles and Fashion FB Page (HERE)

On each, there will be a giveaway post.  Go there that post and tell me what you would make with this fabric (only required to post on one or the other) using the #needlesandfashion hashtag.  (2) lovely people will be chosen on Saturday Morning, and 3 lovely yards of the mesh used below will be sent to the winners on Monday!  

Good Luck and stay tuned to the next giveaway!

Needles and Fashion

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A Little Bit if Love Can Take You a Long Way!

Now that Fall is in full swing, there no time better than now to break out the long skirts, and boots.  For this garment, I went with a graffiti type print mesh from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  The top is a stretch jacquard fabric also from FM that I've had for well over a year.  The mesh is now sold out, but here are some alternates that would look GREAT with this same concept:

Mesh:  I used this for a shorter version of this skirt and am in LOVE with the print  (HERE).  These are well worth a try as well  (Option 2), (Option 3), & (Option 4).

Top Knit:  The key here is to get a double/sweater/neoprene/jacquard knit with at least selvage to selvage stretch.  (Option 1), (Option 2), & (Option 3).

Construction:  I used (1) gold teeth 9" exposed zipper, (1) 29" by 5" piece of wool for the waistband and (2) 9" by 1/2" strips of wool to serve as a stabilizer for the mesh where I insert the zipper.  The waistband is basically my waist measurement plus 1" for seam the allowance.

I used 4 yards of fabric for this skirt.  The selvage edge is white on one end and fabric toned on the other.  I used the fabric toned selvage as the bottom of my skirt.  I was able to cut down the top to get my desired length without disrupting the other selvage edge which would be better than attempting to hem mesh!

I did a basting stich 1/4 from the top of the skirt and gathered my fabric down to 30".

I then prepped my waist band by folding a pressing a 5/8" seam on both ends to encase the skirt.  Once pressed, I pinned the skirt to the inside of the waist band, and top stitched it into place.

Once this was complete, I stitched and overlocked my seams with an 8" opening at the top to insert my zipper.

This process is really simple and should take no less than a casual hour.  

The top was my first creation using a bodice sloper I created from a craftsy class I took last month. The sleeves I took from a simplicity pattern I had not yet stored properly :).  M6886 would be a great alternative to the bodice I used.  The neckline is the same and the fit can be adjusted with ease.  

This outfit came together quite well.  After construction, I wore it to a private dinner party and it was a hit!  My favorite part of this outfit is the mix of prints.  I literally forgot I had the fabric used for the top, but found myself digging through my fabric stash determined not to create a solid top.  

Happy Sewing!
- Jenese 

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Olive Juice: Army Chic Vogue V8909 Altered.

Now that fall is rolling back around again, its time to create and in this case finish projects in warm fall colors don't you think???

Yeah so... this is again, one of those WIP projects from last year.  So long ago I cannot thoroughly remember where I purchased the fabric.  I am about 80% certain it came from JoAnns and from the denim/bottom weight area.  The fabric has stretch salvage to salvage is about 7 oz in weight.  

The pattern I used for these pants is V8909, I widened the waistband and created a waistband to tie.  At first I pondered creating belt loops but wanted the elastic bunching to show with the belt below.  For this, I topstitched the belt to the back of the pants (pocket to pocket) right in the seam between the waistband and the pants.  I also inserted (4) one inch darts, two in the front and two in the back.  Both centered.  Everything else was by the pattern. 

Any who, on Sunday's as of late, my daughter and I have been making time just for us two.  She usually take my pictures anyway (she's getting better each time) so I decided lets go to this waterfall that she likes so much.  I carried my heels and jacket and threw on some flats.  Chile.... this girl had my on a good mile hike!!! The trail started right across from my property, and we probably could have gotten there faster if the trail was a straight shot, it was great letting her take me somewhere I had never been and her taking control of the direction.  It was hilarious hearing her checking on me... "Ma, are you good?".  I responded "I'm grown, I got this but wish you would have told me to put on some sneaks!".  Gotta love that kid.  

Here are some of the pics we took.  I actually plan on making these again before the end of the year with some improvements.  I will be sure to make a tutorial this time as well.  

Heels: Zara
Tank: Vince
Leather Jacket: Vince
Necklace: Unkown, from Saks Fifth Avenue

Happy Sewing!  


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Traveling Abroad... London and Rotterdam (Picture Heavy)

Back again!

Sooooooo I have been MIA lately as the activity at work increased.  I was and am still getting pulled in 800 different directions and its been rather hard to get into my sewing studio.  I spent the week in Rotterdam with 2 day trips in London between flights.  I was completely and utterly exhausted, but was able to take these beautiful pictures.  Side note: I just got a new lens and am learning to get more and more creative.

I cannot wait to return early next year!

Have a great weekend!
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In with the old! Self drafted side insert wool pencil skirt

Real quick.... I made this skirt last year and completely forgot to blog about it.  I found it in my WIP basket even though it was completed (huh?).  Any who... I love this skirt and will be sure to wear it this year!  I got this fabric from NY while on a fabric dash lol.


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DIY Simplicity 1059

Hi loves!

I have been beyond busy lately and wanted to share with you a dress I created a couple months ago.  This was a simple make: Simplicity 1059 lengthened to my ankles.  This pattern was a breeze to create and will I will likely create this dress again.

The fabric is from fabric mart and unfortunately, is sold out.  I would definitely use THIS which is an ITY from Fabric Mart. 

Happy Sewing!

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Made by a Fabricista: Fall Prep in Progress, Sewaholic's Robson Trench Coat Altered

Good day my fellow Seamstress'.  As I continue my transition into fall, I opted to venture out and find a great trench coat pattern.  Sewaholic's Robson coat filled my search and after looking into some of the details, I knew it was a win!

I must say, at a younger age, I always thought trench coats were my mothers coat.  Honestly, I just never knew how to style them correctly ha ha!  

My vision for this post was found on pinterest where I located a skirted trench coat.  The original trench coat I used for inspiration was made out of a suiting fabric, but I knew I wanted this coat to be in a fabric that could easily be worn dress up and down.

The Fabric I used came from Fabric Mart Fabrics HERE.  I had to reach out to the wonderful Julie of Fabric Mart Fabrics for her expertise on the correct weight to use.  I've never made a trench before and the only one I own was a weight I could not put my finger on.  The options where this and a heavy weight.  Thanks to Julie, I received the lighter of the two and it was the best option THANKS!!!

This pattern came with a whopping 61 pages whew!  I put all the pieces together and got to work immediately.  The instructions were easy to follow and a fabric was a dream to sew.  I made the following adjustments to accomplish this look.

First, I extended the front, back and side pieces (the fabric is 58 inches wide, 29 folded.  The kick out on the front and back extended to the end of my fabric (folded) to give me the most drape possible.  The side piece was extended on both sides as well to the full extent of the fabric. These adjustments were made from the lower belt loop line outwards.  Because of this adjustments I had pointy seams which needed to be cut down to one inch below the front faced pieces as the pattern was intended.

I added piping to both of the sleeve seams, as well as the belt for a pop of color.   This was the first time I've used piping in this way.

I put all of the buttons (6) on the inside of the front piece and raised the belt loops to exaggerate the semi skirted bottom.  All in all, I loved it and am uber proud of myself!

I plan on sewing this pattern again.  The next time, I will add more piping for sure.  The accent was a hit with myself as well as others I shared it with.  You can never go wrong with piping in a garment like this!

Overall, the pattern was a breeze and I was extremely happy with the bias finishes as well.  I think I will incorporate these types of garments and others where lining is not used.  I felt I choose very wisely selecting this Sewaholic pattern and look forward to attempting many more in the future!

Side note:  There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING ok about taking coat pictures in 95 degree weather LOL!   I am sure I shaved a couple days off of my life!  But hey, its better to be prepared than not!

I hope you are inspired with the alterations and challenge yourself to creating outside of the patterns in your future projects... Until next time.... MUAH

Needles and Fashion
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Made by a Fabricista: Fall Prep Jumpsuit

Disclaimer:  I no way am I tired of this summer weather!  I have been traveling a great deal lately, and honestly, a little low on inspiration.  I cam across a jumpsuit (big surprise) and completely fell in love.  I love anything with top stitching, so this was right up my alley!

The fabric used for this post is a 100% Wool Gabardine fabric from Fabric Mart.  Although this color is no longer available, here are some other options...HEREHERE, & HERE.  The color options are endless!

Of course, I am always mixing patterns, the ones used for this garment are Vogue 9103 and McCalls 6930.

I installed exposed zippers for a unique finish in the front and back.  At first thought, I was going to use an invisible zipper, but considering the bodice and waistband was doubled, I didn't want to risk the zipper breaking.  Ironically enough, I had a 24" zipper in my stash and it work out!

The only adjustments I had to make was with the back bodice.  I ended up having to cut 2 inches from the center back and scale it down to the side seam in order to eliminate bulk once I completed the garment.  Other than that, everything worked out just fine.

Heres a shot of the top stitching.  I did in on one side instead of both just to have a small element of "pop".  I will be working top stitching into may of the garments I have planed for a mini self collection this fall.

I have a tutorial for the pattern adjustments (HERE).  I was a labor of frustration, but I was able to get it posted.  Just know my heart is in the right place!!! I have a ton of execution issues to work through that I must over come in the coming months!

Thanks for visiting!
- Jenese

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