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Wow, Where do I start????

I am a 34 year old, mother of 2 beautiful children.  Originally from NY, I am an "east coaster" until I die! :)

I began my journey into sewing around the age of 20.  At that time, I would hand sew items (tops mostly) and wear them with pride.  The next year my mother gave me a sewing machine that was gifted to her.  I dabbled with it off and on but never really got the hang of using it.  I always had a desired to become a fashion designer, but had absolutely no idea where to start short of going to design school, which was not an option at the time.

In 2007, I began doing more than just altering clothes for my family and friends.  I was still hesitant to learn, but managed to learn a couple things on my own.  There were no tuts to follow just DVD resources and online short videos from various foreign websites.  In any event, be began learning techniques and getting more and more comfortable using patterns.

As the years went by, I found resources like youtube and other sewing sites that jump started my interest and provided a great source of inspiration.  I even enrolled into American Intercontinental University's Fashion Design Program only to have to change my major due to my career growth and relocation.

I settled into the fact that I would have to teach myself.  As such, I began challenging myself more and more and even doing my research.  I am still becoming the seamstress I desire to be, just taking one day at a time :)



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