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Bold Plaids S6231 Jacket Altered

Hey Boo!  :)

If you cannot tell already, I am getting in the swing of fall.  I created this jacket a couple weeks ago, but was NOT going to post it until I could wear it for more than 3 minutes without fainting lol! 

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DIY Wool Cape S1775

Ok so we already know I post in 3's right?  Ok, got it!

Below is a real quick post on Simplicity S1775.  I started this cape in Fayetteville, NC - the sight of Needles and Fashion's NC meetup.  I was able to fellowship (and cut up) with my sew sisters at JoAnns which was an amazing experience.  While no one was able to finish their garment, it was because we were having such a a great time!  I was able to get home and finish in time for a post.  I still havent added a button, I will travel to Baltimore this week to go to one of my favorite fabric stores - The Fabric Place of which has an impressive button collection.  My total button count for unfinished items (27) yes (27)!!!!!!! Let me see where they do that at!  Once acquired, I have so much more to show you guys!!!!

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A Day Abroad - Paris post-fashion week includes (2) Silk DIY Jumpsuits

Morning Loves!

Put yourself in the moment, you are in Paris, Fashion week has ended and the city is calming.  The weather is mild and the nights are cool.  What would you do in Paris?

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