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DIY Houndstooth Wide Leg Pants

Happy Friday!!!

On last night I created yet another pair of wide leg pants.  You may get tired of seeing it, but I am not tired of sewing it yet :).

I used pattern M6756 (my go to) and drafted this shorts pattern into pants.  If you would like to see how I drafted these pants, please visit my youtube channel Needlesandfashion (no spaces).

I got this houndstooth from JoAnns on the red tag isle for $7 a yard.

I cover the drafting of the pants in my DIY custom Jumpsuit tutorial in part 2.


I hope you all are planning on having a wonderful weekend because I am!!


I leave you with my favorite song and dance!!! HAPPY!!!  Be sure yo join my FB group Needles and Fashion and let me know if you make these pants!

- J

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DIY Print Mermaid Skirt

Hello there again... Happy Hump Day!!

On tonight and after reconstructing my ombre maxi skirt, I created a quick mermaid skirt with some very pretty print 4 way stretch fabric I purchased from JoAnn's Fabrics.

I also created a quick guide create your own maxi template and loaded it to youtube on my channel NeedlesandFashion (no spaces):

Youtube vid...



You may need to do some adjustments once you sew your side seams.  Just follow the curve of the skirt and stop at the knees.  I also indicated the elastic is optional.  That is soooo not true!!! use the elastic (what was I thinking) lol.

I used this same template for my mermaid dress, when making adjustments, start at the armpit and follow the curve of the dress!

If you use my template please be sure to post on my FB group Needles and Fashion or send me an email at needlesandfashion@yahoo.com I would love to see them!



- J



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DIY Ombre Dyed Maxi Skirt

Happy Hump Day!!!!

On last night I & cut dyed my gray lightweigtht polyester fabric (3 yards from JoAnns) with blue dye (specially for polyster) and made a maxi skirt.  I posted on my FB group Needles and Fashion and was satisfied with the way it came out.  Check out a couple pictures of the process, the overall time of dying my fabric was 1 hour as per the dye instructions....easy peasy!  I had so much fabric, I double layered it

I slept on it and wasnt really feeling the "flow" of the skirt on today.  So once I came home, I dissembled the skirt, cut the seams, added a blue waistline that I cut from the end of the skirt last night, made even and precise pleats (without doubling the fabric), and this is the outcome.... so much happier now!!!!



There are tons of maxi tutorials on Youtube so I wont bore you with the details of construction, I hope you like the turnout!
Dye time: 1 hour (as per dye instructions
Construction time: 30 minutes
Skill level: very easy
Keep visiting! More to come
Join my FB group Needles and Fashion! We have a great group on individuals on all sewing levels!
- J
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DIY clutch using scrap fabric

Hello darlings!

Just a quick post, I was fabric shopping today and am so inspired with the haul I came home with. Unfortunately, I didn't have any time to put together another fit, so I made a clutch using the spare fabric from my DIY jacket dress.

I will spare you the details on how it was made, there are tons and tons of tutorials on how the make a clutch but I will share with you the tool I used that was 59 cents at Joann's!

This is a Dari plastic canvas that I was able to put in my fabric and not worry about constructing my clutch and breaking a needle :)

I cut off a 3 inch piece to use as my flap, sew'd my connecting pieces and 15 minutes later.... My finished project!


Quick and easy!

See ya tomorrow!!!!!


- J

Don't forget to join my FB sewing group called Needles and Fashion, it had been a very successful first week! This week's sew-a-long has been added!
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DIY Custom Jumper with Altered M6756 view A

Hello All,

After a day of familiarizing myself with YouTube I am able to post first very first YouTube tutorial on how to make this garment.  I hope that you all enjoy this tutorial, I look forward to getting better at it and post more very, very soon!

Pattern used : M6756  bottom.   Top draped on  my dress form.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Fabric used: Heavy Linen x 3 yards

Dont forget to join my new FB Group Needles and Fashion!!


Happy Sewing!!!!

Here are the vids, their are 5 parts.

Part #1
Part #2
Part #3
 Part #4
Part #5 



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DIY Jacket Dress M6844 + review

Happy Sunday!

I have been having a great weekend completing 3 projects! I excited to report that I am posting my first video tutorial on tonight!!!! The garment below is an altered jacket dress made from McCalls patter 6844 view D.  This pattern is considered easy and I want to show you how to do the modifications I made.

For the bodice, front and back, as well as the collar,  I made absolutely no changes.

I made the following changes to the sleeve to simulate a little poof ( I found the first image on google)





I also made the same adjustments to the bottom front and back to widen the skirt similar to how I do my peplums....  I accomplish this by taping 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper together, measuring out 5 inches all the way around the skirt and drafting my new cut line as per below.



After completing these two modifications, the garment was constructed as per the pattern instructions.....



Pattern: M6844

Pattern Sizing: Medium

Fabric: African Print wax fabric found on aknfabricsandtextiles.com ($15 for 6 yards)  I used about 4.5 - 5 for this jacket.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done? Yes

Were the instructions?: The instructions were very easy to follow.

Would you recommend it to others? Absolutely, Im thinking about making a couple more.

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9:17 AM

DIY Off the shoulder jumpsuit 1/23/2014

Hello lovlies!
Ugh, Im feeling a kind of way today BUT as my late granddaddy would say "thanks to the good Lord" Im still here.  As a sewing ethusiest, I have learned that there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING that you cannot find on a blog, youtube video, or book.  Nothing is out of reach when it comes to creativity.  So the notion that something is "yours" presents a false sense of entitlement.  Fashion revolves in a circle over, over and over again.
On yesterday I saw a jumpsuit a fellow blogger created and thought I would create it for myself.  Sharing is caring so if you want to create it yourself, please see the information below...
The top was drafted from V8793 but you can accomplish this a lot easier with Simplicity Pattern S1613 view D without the straps. I didnt have S1613 and I have self imposed a ban on myself from visiting JoAnnes fo 30 days :(.  I used a 2 way stretch Ponte and cut with the stretch horizontal to the pattern so my jumpsuit will stretch wide and not vertically.


I used the bottom from McCalls Pattern M6083 which i use for anything wide legged, and the sash.  I think I need to order a couple of back up of this pattern because mines is worn out!
first thing I did (because I used V8793) was to add a sheet of paper to the front bodice pattern to correct the kneck line as per below.  I cut 6 inches above the armpit to guide, then cut off the excess paper.  For the back bodice pattern, I cut again 6 inches above the armpit.

This literally make my V8793 an S1613! After this, I  cut both patterns at the waistline marking and cut out the arm which I cut to match the front and back bodice from armpit to top edge and shortened by 3 inches at the wrist.
Next I prepped my already cut pants for M6083.  M6083 has a cutout on the front for an exposed pocket.  I taped a peice of paper on it illiminate this pocket although I think it would be great with one. I also added 4 inches to my desired length for the hem and any fitting adjustments (with shoes on). My length was exaclty as it was designed for 43 inches so I added 4 inches making it 47 inches from my belly button to the floor with my shoes on.
After this, I aligned my bodice and pant pcs for fit. It was 98% perfect and I made no changes!

From here, I began sewing my pant.  I sewed the side seams first on both pant legs with front and back pcs together.  Once this was completed, I turned one pant leg right side out and placed inside the other leg with right sides together. 
I then proceeded to sew the crotch and butt seam. 
DONE with the Pants!
For the shirt, I added the sleeves first to the front and back bodice pieces.  I accomplished this by sewing the armpits to the top edge only!  This is probably to easiest sleeve in the world to sew. once the sleeves were added I sewed the side seams  together starting at the end of the sleeve to the bottom of the bodice.  I also hemmed the top with 5/8 inch hem and added the 1 inch elastic.  The elastic I simpley draped on my body but S1613 has a guide for you!

 DONE with the Bodice!
I turned the bodice right sides out, placed into the pants with right sides together and sewed a normal 5/8 inch seam. 
With exception to hemming your garmet (have someone help with proper length of your pants with your shoes on), & a good steaming....... you are finished! 
I ended up taking this in on a gradual inch from the arm pit to my thigh on both sides for a better fit.
I hope you all enjoyed this, I will be doing it again and creating a free tutorial very soon!  I will be creating the tutorial with the S1613 and M6083


If you have ANY questions, please, please, please ask.  I am more than willing to share!
Please also join my FB Group and Page "Needles and Fashion"
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Saturday Project - DIY Mermaid Dress

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!!!

On Saturday I decided to make a mermaid dress.  I have made several mermaid dresses in the past, and wanted to creat an entire dress without having to locate a pattern. 

I originally purchased Simplicity Pattern 2053 for the cut in the neck.  Because this dress as a cinch, I needed to create a custom bodice from the pattern as per below:

To exclude the cinching, I drafted the left side of the pattern, cut out the left side of the pattern on my paper and folded it in half as per below.

From there, pulled my mermaid pattern from storage.

I then folded the front bodice pattern in half and taped to my mermaid pattern as per below. 

As you can see, the waists measurements for both pcs do not match. I proceed to cut the bodice to match the mermaid waist by cutting at the side seams as per below.

From here, I placed the pattern on my fabric and cut.
I then taped the mermaid pattern to the back bodice and cut as per below. No waist adjustments were needed as per below, I placed on my fabric and cut.

I used the last of my fabric to cut the pattern for the sleeves. I sewed the front and back pcs together at the shoulders, attached the sleeves, the stitched the side seams. That's it!!!!



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