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Holiday Onesies

One of my favorite pass times is lounging around at home watching movies with my not-so little ones. We snuggle up on one couch, each with our own blanket and invade each others personal space lol.  I planned on making onesies for the family around this time of year because I enjoy them more than any adult probably should.  

This was a quick and easy project.  The fabrics used are 100% Polyester and can be found (HERE) and (HERE).  Fabric Mart has a HUGE selection of fleeces available, check them all out (HERE).  

Fleece literally feels like snuggly happiness.  Other than the shedding produced by cutting out the pattern, you don't have much else to worry about as it relates to the wear and tear of the fabric.  My daughter still has a fleece dora blanket from when she was 3 (she is now 12) and it still looks and feels brand new. 

I used a YT video for a quick pattern that can be found (HERE).  Honestly, there are tons.  I just picked the first one that had an image that worked for me, watched it once while on the way home, and did the rest on my own.  There are tutorials that are much more detailed and even includes hoods and characters, but I wanted to keep this first try simple and fast.  While I left the arms loose to keep irritation down, I put elastic in the legs to prevent them for walking on the suits. 

So what about me right? I mean, this was MY idea and I am the one that enjoys them so much!  I ran out of fabric, but am already set to order more so I can be part of cool kids squad lol.

Apparently they liked them and unlike I stated when I started, it wasn't too warm for them to sleep in them (which they did).

Now I just need to make one for myself....

Until Next time...


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Tomboy Chic V1411 Wool Sweat Pants and Painted Leather

Now that the weather is finally starting to cool, my need to get glammed up is diminishing.  At the same time, I realized I didn't have too many options in my wardrobe for the days I just want to put on some sneakers and still maintain my own personal style.  I mean, my gym clothes are pretty dope, but they are just that, gym clothes.  Somehow, I missed having more than a couple options for my"kick back" days.  

The fabric I used is a heather gray 100% wool chunky sweater knit from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  The fabric is no longer available, but is very similar to this choice (HERE).  The only difference is the fabric in the link is a lighter knit in wright.  

The pattern I used for the sweat pants is oddly V1411.  I have made these pants in every variation OTHER than what it was designed for.  Both previous pairs I made were with Goat and Lamb skin leather.  I cut my normal size before thoroughly pressing the fabric to loosen the weave.

This time I chose to double the pattern pieces on the middle front piece and create a 1/4 quilted top stitch design for a total of 4 pattern pieces in stead of 2.

To attach the two pieces per leg, I attached the middle front pattern pieces to the upper front pieces right sides together.

Once the pieces were attached, I completed the top stitch design before adding the bottom side pieces.  I then drafted my own tight fitting cuff for the bottom of the pants and added elastic to the waistband

Finally, this jacket!  I have been experimenting with different textures and designs that will change a normal garment into something truly different and unique.  This is one of the outerwear jackets I was working on over the past week.   A great deal of painting and repainting went into it. Because............. it would be too much like right for me to leave a brand new jacket in its original state right? RIGHT!!!  I look forward to showing you the next set of ideas I have been working on.

Over all, I love this look.  The chunky sweater knit is super warm so I know it will last me from now through the winter.  The fabric does tend to roll a lot, but no more than your typical jersey/ITY knits.  The construction involved a great deal of pressing.  

Until next time, happy sewing!

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NYFW: My favorites and reviews of Spring 2017 RTW part 2

As the shows continue to roll in, I have a new set of favorites for 2017's Spring RTW.


He had me at snake skin.... Joseph Altuzarra wanted to create something joyous, flirty, and fun given the harsh political climate we are facing.  The python prints used in this collection were inspired by the "Wild at Heart" film in which Nicolas Cage wore a python jacket.  From there were inspirations of Cherries, and lemons.   Here are my fav's.

This jacket is absolutely EVERYTHING!  Its python printed denim with sequin lemons.  I will definitely be on the look out for this jacket.

Diane von Furstenberg

DVF recently created and filled the role of chief creating officer.  It was filled by Jonathan Saunders let me give you a quick bio...  JS formally designed prints for Alexander McQueen and also consulted for Chloe and Pucci (off of this was in the early 2000's).  He showed at LFW for several years and even NFW, but returned to showing in London shortly after.  Before coming to DVF, he was the creative director at Pollini for whom designs for retail chains such as Target and Topshop.  He was succeeded by Nicholas Kirkwood.  So basically... JS kicked in the door waving the 44 (Biggie reference) and changed up the entire look of DVF.  I am not really sure how I feel about it.  I have never had this short of a fav list from this fashion house.  Diane.... What's up boo?

I was drawn to this jacket and pants.  Sure they are beautiful, but they looked mighty familiar....

From a 2014 post using Marc Jacobs fabric from mood.  It had squares on one side, and circles on the other.  IJS.........

This sweater is everything though. This was also the second pair of pants I saw in the collection that had a REALLY large cuff on them.

Jeremy Scott

I mean, we ALL know Jeremy Scott is a bit "different" and has been
been accused of creating outlandish clothing that no one would wear since the late 90's.  This collection did not steer in any alternate directions.  If anything, he is consistent. I found myself staring at certain pieces and even reviewing the line a couple time with fresh eyes to get no only some inspiration, but some understanding as well.  I mean, JS has been around for a LONG time.  There is obviously a market for this type of clothes and I am obviously missing something.

This skirt's image was either printed on pleated fabric or printed with very precise gaps.  Beautiful!!

Muva would definitely wear this jumpsuit.  I don't know where, but......

Carolina Herrera
HOLY DENIM!!! Anyone that knows me, know I LIVE for anything denim.  CH needs no introduction, she never fails.  The entire line from beginning to end were gorgeous, even the skirt she wore!

The placement of the tie is very elegant, and this skirt is stunning!

I'm literally looking for fabric to duplicate this jumpsuit.

I will be back tomorrow, there's so much more to share and more shows coming up!
- J

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NYFW: My favorites and reviews of Spring 2017 RTW (Picture Heavy) Part 1

Hi Dolls! 

I have been MIA lately working on rebranding and customer orders but wanted to take a moment to give you my reviews on NYFW for Spring 2017.  Hopefully I can provide you with a bit of inspiration as well. 

Here we go!

Pam & Gela

 Pam & Gela consists of Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy.  Gela is one of the co-founders of juicy couture and explains the inspiration behind the collection.  Here are my favs.

First this sweat suit... I have been seeing a great deal of cut-up sweats and I am here for all of it!!  The details on the jacket are exquisite and yet simple enough to be casually chic.

This T-shirt and straight leg jogger combination is tomboy chic!

Distressed sweaters! The cream as well as navy and white striped sweater and olive jogger combination is rustic and can be worn with sneakers or heels.  Heavyweight sweater fabric can be difficult to locate.  If you are lucky enough to locate some, you can create this sweater with a simple pattern and distress the fabric by removing several of the grain line fibers and stretching the fabric post construction.

This! Tapered joggers are my absolute favorite.  The styling options are just as great as a pair of skinny jeans.  The muted camouflage jacket is a great pairing for this look.

Next Up.... VFiles

Listen..... Rapper Yung Thug which is known to wear gender neutral garments, shocked many when his album cover pictured him in a gorgeous layered skirt.  The designer of this look is VFiles.  I am not very familiar with the brand, but was excited with inspiration.  The colors, shapes and displays of protest made for a great show.  The collection was obviously inspired by Japanese culture and gener amorphousness.  Here are my favs.

Did I ever tell you I LOVE male jumpsuits? 

This is not your ordinary flight jacket!

Public School 
I have been completely obsessed with Max and Dao since they won The Fashion Fund a couple years ago.  I was happy to see some pops of color as well as abstract lines in their construction.  I will forever be a fan!

Something about these hats and veils are giving me life.  I am also all about long layering for this upcoming autumn. 

The lines on this shirt..... yes!

More bombers

I am also in love with the sneakers worn during the show.  I can see myself in complete looks that were presented.

Yeezy: Season 4

I never thought I would say this but, Yeezy's line is starting to grow on  me.  I no longer feel a sense of a post apocalyptic world when I look at his clothes.  Yet, with the limited design factor, I am not sure if I would ever actually invest in his clothes as many can be made with those quick and easy patterns.  The other thing I didn't get was the clear boots.  I say this because clear boots are the "it" thing amongst IG boutiques these days and the price difference between the two has to be astronomical.  From what we've seen so far, they aren't the most comfortable shoes to wear on the runway.  Still... I have some favs from the show.

I know, it looks like we are entering Kim K's closet. 

Because Teyana....

Rosetta Getty

When art meets fashion, come through Rosetta!  This collection is very "Kite-like".  I absolutely love it!

Source: Vogue.com

What has been your favorite so far? Stay tuned for more next week!


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