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Jacket Weather!!! Leather Jackets!

Hi Sew Fam!

I hope you all are having a great Holiday season and are finishing off 2014 in style!  I have been doing a lot of sew soul searching and along with it being cold out, I have decided to start making my own patterns in preparation for my 2015 goals!  Starting with jackets, the first one below, I purchased from an online boutique.  I love the jacket and decided to figure out how to make it in my own materials (original is polyester and at that time was only available in black).  Four painful hours later, I was able to create a paper pattern.  I opted to create this jacket first in denim purchased from Fabric Mart Fabrics before I DARED to try it in the fire red lambskin leather intended.  Total time: 9 hours.  You read correctly..... 9 HOURS!  After the New Year, I will be working feverishly to get this pattern to you all as fast as possible.  Once available, you all will be the first to know!

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Denim Frenzy! V1416 & Simplicity 2255

Hello Sew Family!

For my first official post with Fabric Mart Fabrics, I wanted to share with you my Denim Frenzy outfit.  There is nothing more timeless than denim. With multiple styles, colors and weight, denim provides endless possibilities to your wardrobe!

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Boulevard of Chic Wrap Up (picture heavy)

Good Morning Loves!

As you may know, I was invited as a VIP blogger and attended the Boulevard of Chic event at the Baltimore Harbor.   This is the 3rd Annual #BOC event and my 1st time attending.  I must say, I was very pleased to be a part of such and amazing event and look forward to participating moving forward.

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DIY The Perfect Fall/Winter Dress.


One of the many joys of sewing is the ability to pump out a garment in no time at all.  Yes, quality works, takes quality time.  But there are also times when you can take 1-2 hours and make something beautiful.  

I purchased this fabric from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  This image came up in  my periodic emails and I completely lost it.  (I know I am not the only one this happens to!).  Any who, I didn't have a garment in mind so I purchased 4 yards.  As part of the October sew-a-long for the Needles and Fashion FB group, I created this dress.  The preferred pattern was M6886 for the neckline.  There was only one adjustment in the image below.  I measured the length based on my shoulders to the floor plus 3 inches with my heels ON.  

I fabric must have been popular because I am unable to locate it, BUT here is one that is similar.  Get it while you can!  (click here)

You can use any shirt sloper to accomplish this look!  For the belt I used a 4 inch wide strip on the bias (x) my waist measurements (+) 2 feet/24 inches

There has been so much overcast lately, I haven't been able to take many pictures.  Thank god my basement sewing studio was clean :).


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DIY Wool Lapel Jumpsuit and Fabric Mart Fabrics Partnership!

Back again huns!

I am very excited to announce I will be partnering up with Fabric Mart Fabrics for a monthly post and tutorial.  I am beyond excited to be a part of this opportunity as Fabric Mart Fabrics is one of my favorite sites!  I cannot count the many, many times I have stopped what I was doing and purchased the featured fabric of the day.  Oh and the their sale/clearance selections........? Oh my!

For my first post, I choose black Wool.  Knowing I live for jumpsuits, I decided to make one for the impending weather.  Jack frost is making his way to the east coast so why not?!  You can find the fabric (here), with other options (here) & (here).


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Boulevard of Chic - Fall into Holiday Shopping 11/8/14 Baltimore, MD

Good Afternoon Sew Family!

I wanted to share with you some great information for this weekend should you be in the DMV area.  I have been invited as VIP attendee to this event and am uber excited!

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Bold Plaids S6231 Jacket Altered

Hey Boo!  :)

If you cannot tell already, I am getting in the swing of fall.  I created this jacket a couple weeks ago, but was NOT going to post it until I could wear it for more than 3 minutes without fainting lol! 

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DIY Wool Cape S1775

Ok so we already know I post in 3's right?  Ok, got it!

Below is a real quick post on Simplicity S1775.  I started this cape in Fayetteville, NC - the sight of Needles and Fashion's NC meetup.  I was able to fellowship (and cut up) with my sew sisters at JoAnns which was an amazing experience.  While no one was able to finish their garment, it was because we were having such a a great time!  I was able to get home and finish in time for a post.  I still havent added a button, I will travel to Baltimore this week to go to one of my favorite fabric stores - The Fabric Place of which has an impressive button collection.  My total button count for unfinished items (27) yes (27)!!!!!!! Let me see where they do that at!  Once acquired, I have so much more to show you guys!!!!

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A Day Abroad - Paris post-fashion week includes (2) Silk DIY Jumpsuits

Morning Loves!

Put yourself in the moment, you are in Paris, Fashion week has ended and the city is calming.  The weather is mild and the nights are cool.  What would you do in Paris?

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(Insert Major Cheese Grin) Thank you!!!

Evening Family!

I have been a little MIA with work, BUT I have been sewing.  My weekends have not given me an opportunity to photograph and post new projects, but it is on the agenda for this weekend.  

And for a little bit of good news.  Thanks to my N&F Facebook Group and all of you, I received enough votes to be named on of Burdastyle.com 's 50 Best Bloggers for 2014.

Thank you so much for your votes and support during this year, there is plenty more to come!!!

See you this weekend! 


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Week 1 Fabricista Challenge - What We Made!

Good morning Sew Family

The garments for the first week of Fabric Mart's Fabricista Challenge has been posted.  I must say, all of the contestants are highly talented and presented very different and very beautiful garments.  I look forward to creating like shirts for my ever depleting shirt stash!

Take a look and vote for your favorite garment!



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DIY Alexander McQueen Inspired Outfit - Fabric Mart Fabricista Challenge Week 1 - Get the Look for Less!

Great day loves!

I am excited to present my submission for Fabric Mart's Fabricista Challenge!  This is the first week and I could not wait to put my inspiration to work!  

The first challenge is to create a garment using the grainline scout tee pattern found (HERE). So the catch..... Well, each contestant could not use the pattern to simply create a TShirt.  We were all charged with putting our creative juices to work and creating something innovative.  I don't think I could have reached much further with this one!!!  

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Me and Little J OOTD Ankara Monday

Good  morning Fam!

Just a quick post, I wanted to show you what my daughter and I wore today.  I made my Ankara pleated shirt and my daughter made her with M6984 View A.  I am so proud of her, its her first finished garment outside of leggings.  

I will say, moving forward, I will break her project up into days.  She was a bit restless at the end of this project.  She wants to blog as well, I told her I would think about it. 

Love her.....

Happy Monday!!!!

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DIY Apron Pants and Circle Top.... Get the look for Less!


The inspiration of this outfit was passed around the world when Queen Beyonce wore it.  I had to have the pants and created the shirt just to complete the look.  I made my pants from Satin Taffeta, which can be a bit stiff, but wanted a structured garment especially with my first bout with welt pockets.  Details on construction will be updated this week.  I created the pants from M6930 drafted into pants with an added welt pocket on the right and a botton for the apron.  I will update this post ASAP!

Happy Sewing!


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Always Bold, Never Regular!!! DIY McCalls 6707 & Simplicy 1366

Hey Boo's!!

My latest outfit is constructed from McCalls 6707 View B and Simplicity S1366 view D with a slit bottom.  My top is wool crepe, the color???? LOVE!!!! The bottom is Marc Jacobs Jacquard bottom weight.  While in NY and at Mood a couple weeks ago, I walked past this fabric, left and came back the next day to purchase.  I had to have it.  I am not able to find the fabric online, so it may only be available in the store.   

Is it Fall yet?????

Happy Sewing!

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McCall's Much??? DIY M6990 and M6756

Hey You!!

I wanted to share with your my McCalls outfit.  My top is M6990 and the shorts are M6756.  My shorts were probably the first pair of M6756 that I have created and honestly, the best pair.  I have a thing for gray fabrics, and fell in love with this one the moment I found it.

The top was created using a heavy Marc Jacobs denim from the Fabric Place in Baltimore.  I have been holding on to this fabric for some time and thought it would be great to use in a fall transition top.  I also used a heavy weight jean zipper for the back.  What do you think?

Happy Sewing!

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Burda Style 50 Best Bloggers for Sewing Enthusiasts.

Hey Huns! 

Just a quick post.  I am on the list of the 50 best bloggers for sewing enthusiasts on Burda.com.

Please vote for me!!!

Thanks in advance!  See you all tomorrow!


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Fabricista Challenge II w/ Fabric Mart Fabrics

Good Morning Sew Family!

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend as did I.  I was able to get some much needed rest and a bit of fabric shopping done.  

Don't tell anyone this... I am ready for fall!!!!!  I have been blessed to find a large array of wools and silks that has given me the fall fever!  I waiting in angst for so long when summer was approaching that I almost feel bad wanting to move on :(.

On to the good stuff!  I have been selected to join fellow bloggers on a Fabricsta Challenge with Fabric Mart Fabrics!  I love fabric mart fabrics and shop there rather often.  Their shipping is rather fast and being one state over from me helps as well.  I am so excited and am anxious to get the my creative juices flowing.  I have placed the link below, be sure to follow the blog and check out the other contestants!

I would love you all to join me in the challenge as well!  I will be posting detailed information as available and sharing the details on construction with your all.  If time permits, I may do a couple tuts.

Have a bless day all!
- J


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DMA Area Sale - G Street Fabrics!

Morning Loves!

For any of you fabulous sew members that are in the area, be sure to purchase this living social deal for G Street Fabrics!


You don't want to miss this!



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BAM! DIY "Gwen" Jumpsuit Plus Tutorial!

Good Evening Loves!!!
I have been MIA for a while, but trust I HAVE been sewing.  I will be using the next couple of weeks to update the blog with the many garments I have contructed.  I will be taking the weekend to fabric shop in NY and am eager to share with you my finds!
August is officially BAM in my FB sewing group.  What is BAM you might ask?  Its Blogger Appreciation Month.  Four of my amazingly talented sew sisters and I are all doing tutorials this month to share with our following!  Before I get to the specifics, let me introduce you to my sew sisters!
Donna - http://www.curvygirlsarechic.com/ My sister from another mister (tee hee).  Donna has some crazy, sick skills! Her attention to detail and technique is where I aspire to grow towards.  I have personally seen some of her couture work and OMG!!!! She has a habit of over sharing fabric sales but I love her all the same! LOL
Tasha - http://thetelltaletasha.blogspot.com/ .  Tasha is an amazingly talented sewing blogger with a sickening head of hair I might add.  I enjoy reading her blog and she is as amazing on her blog as she is in person. 
Shari (#1) - http://shesewshari.blogspot.com/ I love Shari's style as well as her personality! I favor towards Shari's dresses.  They all fit her so well, not to mention she has been sewing FOREVER!!!
Shari (#2) - http://www.mydailythreadz.me/ Yes there are two Shari's lol.  Shari is my laughing partner! We cut up nonstop!!! Shari has a great eye for detail and a mean shoe game!

Be sure to check out my sew sisters blogs. They are all sew awesome!!!!
So thats it.  This is out first BAM and I am looking forward to more!  The "Gwen" was inspired by one of my favorite artist and designers, Gwen Stefani.  I am in love with her style and like myself, she is know to rock the hell out of a jumpsuit! 
Since I have already created my garment and tutorial, I will be doing anther before month end.  For now, the garment below was constructed using Simplicity 1366 (Top) and McCall's 6848 (bottom).
I purchased this Poly Crepe from Fabric Mart.  I purchased 5 yards.  You can find the fabric Here. I made a last minute decision to add a sash which is 10x72 inches and is not included in the tut.  I love the way this jumpsuit came out!!! Its a perfect transition into fall piece and is light and airy. 
You can locate the tutorial on YouTube ( Here  ).  Be sure to give me that thumbs up if you like and subscribe!

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Style File: The Fall Jumpsuit 10 Crosby Derek Lam - Get That Look!!!!

Morning Dolls,

As I prep my mind for Fall and the projects that ensue, I cant deny my obsession with jumpsuit.  While scanning on of my favorite online retailers (www.shopbop.com) I came across a jumpsuit that literally took my breath away!  

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DIY Wide Legged Striped Pants using M6930

Back Again!!! 

Following the theme of fall prep I made this wide leg pants using M6930.  I am a wide leg pants fanatic if you haven't picked up on that yet; and I always create my wide leg pants from shorts patterns.  For the first time, I didn't do it with M6756 (I kinda feel guilty lol).

The fabric used is a light weight cotton purchased from G Street Fabrics.  I was able so snatch up (4) yard for $2.97 per yard!!!! I am pondering what to do with the rest!  

I cant wait to wear these!!!!!!!

Happy Sewing!

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3:55 PM

DIY Side Split Shirt using Simplicity 1366 / S055

Good evening darlings! 

I wanted to share with you a quick project I completed over the weekend to get the old juices running again. I had plans on making 2 versions on this shirt.  The most important of which is the top below with a half sleeve.  

Yes, Yes, I admit.  I am transitioning into fall.  I think I got into a slump lately because I wasn't into sewing any more dresses..... Either that or my inner tomboy is coming out :).

I have always been a jean type of girl.  Therefore, I am finding myself trying different options for shirts.  This shirt is rather popular.  I choose to wear mines with a tie in the front to break up the mediocrity.  As I am in no shape or form wanting to walk out my house and instantly look like the next person lol!

The fabric I used is a little bit thicker than lining (purchased to use as lining) and has a matt silk finish to it.  I've had it so long, I don't recall what it is, sorry!

I paired this shirt with a pair of lightly distressed AG Goldschmied Jeans which is ironically one of my favorites right now.  My shoes are from www.cherrybombatlanta.com one of my favorite boutiques from my Atlanta days. 

To accomplish this look, I simply measured the length of my shirt from the top of my shoulder to right below my knees which was 45 inches.  I constructed the shirt a per the pattern and stopped my side seam 4 inches from the armpit.  I also made an optional sash, I not quite sure which way I like better.

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Syle File: The Perfect Tweed Dress. Get the look with M6465 and Mood Fabric!

Hello Sew Fam!

On my frequent search for inspiration, I came across this beautiful tweed dress by Rachel Zoe.  Considering the cost and hassle that is involved in dealing with quality tweed, I am inclined to feel the price of $275 is rather reasonable.

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8:17 PM

DIY Side Split Infinity bottom Maxi M6886

Back again... (you know I post in two's lol).
I woke up inspired this morning with the perfect pattern to recreate an inspiration pic I saw last week.  While the dress was not marketed at as an infinity bottom Maxi, I quickly realised I could do so many things with this dress!!!  The options are endless and I plan to discover more as I continue to make more.  The dress is constructed  using McCalls pattern 6886 view A shortened with an over skirt attached.
I created a tut as well... woot woot!!!! You can view it Here
Let me know what you think!!!

Happy Sewing!

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7:17 PM

DIY V1387 View A Extended

Hello Darlings!

Long time no hear huh?  Ugh.... I have been doing THE most lately.  I am also a week off of vacation in Puerto Rico.  Its been a week now and I am getting back into the swing of things.  Unfortunately, I am very very far behind on posts...

Today's fit is an extended version of V1387. I received the chevron fabric as a gift and I knew exactly what I wanted to make!

The only adjustment I made to this pattern was adding 8 inches to the flounce.  What do you think?

Happy Sewing!

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10:23 AM

DIY OOTD 4 panel striped skirt.

Afternoon family!

I wanted to share with you my OOTD.  The best part of spring/summer is changing up my work attire.  Ok...... I haven't done much laundry this week lol!

The skirt below was constructed by essentially cutting (2) circle skirts and sewing them together as (1) i.e. 4 panels.  I made this skirt a couple of weeks ago and deleted the pictures my mistake :(.  The skirt is attached to a 2 inch waistband  with 1 inch pleats and a fashion jeans zipper in the back.  I had to work with the pleat size to get the a consistent pleat pattern.  to do this, I pinned the skirt to both ends of my 29 inch waistband, pinned the middle seam to the 14.5 inch (halfway) mark, then pinned the 7.25 inch mark for the second and 4th panel.  This put the seam for each panel 7.25 inches away from each other and allowed me to determine the amount and size of pleats I wanted.  once I was able to do this with on panel, I duplicated the same to the other four.

The fabric is actually upholstery fabric from JoAnn's that I have been holding onto for about 2 months. 

Shirt: H&M 
Shoes: L.A.M.B

Hope you like!

Happy Sewing!


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9:02 AM

DIY highwaisted swimsuit M5400


As I count down the days, hours, and minutes until my vacation, it was time to tackle the on thing I did not want to make.... another swimsuit.  I am making any and all attempts to wear garments I've constructed with care for the entire duration of my trip (with exceptions here and there...).  In an efffort to have a different swimsuit per day, I opted to make this number.  The top is a very standard triangle top with bust and neck strap.  The bottom is a variation of M5400 with a 4 inches added to the top.  

I was able to test it out at the pool with my favorite girl :)

Happy Sewing!

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8:46 AM

Brunch with Sew Sisters DMV Area Meetup + DIY Romper using S1880 & M6848

Hello Sew Family!

After much anticipation, I was able to chop it up brunch style with a group of amazing women that are a part of my Needles and Fashion FB group.  Oh what a time I had!  You would have thought we all knew each other for years if you sat next to us or was at the other end of the restaurant looking up at the sound of our continued laughter!

It was great to put faces and names together outside of our FB communications, each and every one of these ladies had a different story, different background and plenty of sewing woes!  I cannot express how much of a good time I had!

We all made swap gifts to exchange which was rather fun and the organizer Tasha even made each of us a N&F plague to take home.... This was too special and dear to my heart.

So.... I got up at 5:30am to begin on my fit for the day.  I have been wanting this romper FOREVER.  After a failed attempt last week, I was able to get the perfect pattern mix!  I began this journey with 2 yards of this floral fabric purchased from Joann's (cannot locate online but its in stores!).  I used Simplicity Pattern 1880 view B for the top of McCalls 6848 view D for the bottom. 

The first thing I did was extend the bodice by 8 inches (front, back and facing)

The rest was constructed as per the pattern directions and I absolutely loved the way it came out!  I paired the Romper with an ivory H&M Clutch and suede Alexander McQueen sandals.  

Look at my beautiful sew sisters!!!!!!

"When sisters stand shoulder the shoulder, who stands a chance against us" ~ Pam Brown

Happy Sewing!!!!

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2:48 PM

DIY Floral Top M6961 Needles and Fashion May Sew -A-Long

Back Again!

Here is another pattern from Needles and Fashion FB Group sew-a-long for May McCalls 6961.  I must say, as much as I want to get away from peplums, I absolutely love this top.  It will definitely be one of the pieces that I take with me on vacation in a couple weeks!

I paired this shirt with my wide leg Jeans featured on the blog in February.  Because these are twill instead of denim, they make a perfect pairing even though it rather hot outside. 

I got this Fabric from JoAnn's on red tag and am unable to locate for the link.  I believe I paid $6 per yard for this fabric and have enough left to make my daughter a pair of shorts (score)!!!

My purse is Rebecca Minkoff which goes perfectly with this top.
Love?  Absolutely!

Happy Sewing!!

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2:38 PM

DIY Floral Jumpsuit Simplicity 1355/S0565 Needles and Fashion May Sew A Long

Afternoon Lovely!

Wow is all I can say. Spring is in full bloom and we start another month of the year. May was a pretty busy month me, I got a lot of sewing done, but not a lot of posting. I have been running non stop especially professionally whew!!! I hope things level out this month because a sister need a little breather! I will be catching up on posting over the next couple of days while I begin to tackle the projects aligned for June. One of the sew-a-long patterns for May was 1355. I am pretty much a jumpsuit junkie, along with most of the members in my sewing group. When 1355 became available, I jumped on it right away!. I cut the pants for view A and the top of view C. This pattern was pretty easy to sew, took about 2 hours total from cut to finish and with the fabric, my total cost was around $25. TUH!!!!!!

The Fabric was purchased from Joanns at 40% off of $14.99 Here

Its a silky crepe fabric that I have purchased specifically for this pattern.   I will be making this jumpsuit again this month and will do a tutorial as well. I tapered the leg a bit as well.

Oh and my roses bloomed!!!!

Happy Sewing!!!

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