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DIY front Split Maxi using M6744

Hello Sew Family!

On Friday I created a tutorial on making this dress from M6744 view A... Now before I began, this dress can EASILY be pulled off with pattern M6752 view D of which I also have BUT M6744 has a fuller skirt and I like to challenge myself as well as my viewers on making adjustments to everyday patterns.  Once you build your confidence to make these types of changes, you open a multitude of opportunities right there in your pattern cabinet/storage area!  So I chanllenge you to think outside the box!!

The fabric I used is chiffon, the top and an 18 skirt area has fusible featherweight interfacing attached from Joann's Here

Pattern:  M6744 can also be accomplished with M6752

The belt is Lafayette 148 found Here

The Shoes are Aldo (old)

You can access the tutorial Here

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OOTD Stripes and Patterns

What a lovely day it is!!!!
Hello sew family!  It was a great 69 degress this morning and I decided to do something I dont do much at all..... wear a skirt! :) I move a lot at my job, from meetings to meetings, I go to the gym at lunch and sometimes I need to dress for the environment which does not accomodate skirts or dresses.  BUT in light of some beautiful pieces I have been making since January and the beautiful weather out, I wanted to wear something cute and very lady like.
My cardigan if from H&M, shoes from Nine West  and my skirt is from an earlier post (upholstry fabric) Here

Happy Sewing!

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DIY M6756 Drafted into wide leg pants

These pants have been posted many many times because its one of my staple pieces but I just NEEDED to do it in green and share with your all real quick!!!!!

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DIY Side Sash Skirt and Denim Beach Shorts using M6848

Ok Ok Ok!!!
I was in love with this jumpsuit that I saw Mel B wearing a couple days ago and figured I would love to make a top similar to the top of the jumpsuit.  I already had the fabric and needed to sew this before I forgot about it.
My shorts are created from M6848 with another variation.  I created the side slits by added 2 inches to the pattern side seams and angling the sides.  Once done, I created a seam for the back to give it a more detailed denim look.  I cant wait to wear these on my vacation with my bathing suit!!!!
I created a YT vid of the contruction of my top using V8815.  This is one of thos go to bodices that can be used to make a variety of things.. You have to excuse the end of my vid.... I didnt realize the camera cut off :( .  It will get better from here I promise!!!!
You can access the tutorial Here
I hope you like!!!!
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DIY Low back Maxi Dress drafted from a Tank top

Ok so I posted an inspiration picture on my group from revolve clothing that I had to recreate!!!! My version of this dress came out very similar and I am happy with the turn out.  What do you think????
I got this fabric on red tag sale at JoAnn's this past week.
I used a tank top to draft the shape dress...  I pre measured the length of my fabric and used a triangle shape for the bottom half to the bottom of the fabric.
I cut out this shape for the front and the back by first cutting half of the shape, folding over and duplicating 
Next, (with the front piece only) I lowered the front neck line using my french curve, extending half, folding over and duplicated again. 
With the back piece I measure how deep I wanted my back exposed by using my measuring tape from my should down my back.  I determined this to be 16 inches.
I then cut the first half of the 16 inches (8 inches) and pivetted my measuring tape to use my french curve to finish the curve off.
Once completed, I folded the fabric over and duplicated the shape....
Next, I serged my neck and armholes....
Next I attached my dress at the shoulders, attached the side seams and hemmed the neck and armholes.... DONE!!!!!
I hope you like!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!




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DIY M6744 View B

Back again!!!

Enjoy my M6744 view D.  I purchased this beautiful fabric from Sew Blessed.  It was my first order and I am difinately pleased.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with it but settled on a maxi dress... Did I say I wasnt really a dress "wearer"??? Im not...... But a lady always needs a maxi!

I have on flats in this pic but will be wearing it with heels thus the extra fabric at the bottom.

what do you think?????





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DIY M6848 Shorts Frenzy!!!!!!

Afternoon dolls!

I made a couple variations of the M6848 shorts featured in my DIY Romper to add to my shorts collection.  I must say, I dont wear many shorts or even own very many pair, but I will be adding this pattern to my arsenal to get my waredrobe summer ready....  I added bias to the bottoms for a defined look.  The black pair is made from silk and the floral pattern is a lightweight cotton.  I purchased both from JoAnns..


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11:34 AM

DIY S1880 - Faux Wrap dress

Hello Sew Family!
Its been pretty ugly outside the last couple of day and the sun (literally in the last hour) reared its lovely face.  While I have been working on several pcs I refuse to take any more pictures indoors :).
I neglected posting this earlier in the week and wanted to share with you all.  Below is my version of S1880 Faux Wrap dress. 
The fabric is a Bright Lavender Ponte Knit (58W) from Farbic Mart Here for a cool $4 per yard yeeeesss!
I cute 3 inches off the bottom of this pattern as well to shorten it just a bit.  I actually like this dress, I created it primarily to wear to work and that is what I shall do!!

The Shoes are L.A.M.B (old)
Happy Sewing!
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