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Olive Juice: Army Chic Vogue V8909 Altered.

Now that fall is rolling back around again, its time to create and in this case finish projects in warm fall colors don't you think???

Yeah so... this is again, one of those WIP projects from last year.  So long ago I cannot thoroughly remember where I purchased the fabric.  I am about 80% certain it came from JoAnns and from the denim/bottom weight area.  The fabric has stretch salvage to salvage is about 7 oz in weight.  

The pattern I used for these pants is V8909, I widened the waistband and created a waistband to tie.  At first I pondered creating belt loops but wanted the elastic bunching to show with the belt below.  For this, I topstitched the belt to the back of the pants (pocket to pocket) right in the seam between the waistband and the pants.  I also inserted (4) one inch darts, two in the front and two in the back.  Both centered.  Everything else was by the pattern. 

Any who, on Sunday's as of late, my daughter and I have been making time just for us two.  She usually take my pictures anyway (she's getting better each time) so I decided lets go to this waterfall that she likes so much.  I carried my heels and jacket and threw on some flats.  Chile.... this girl had my on a good mile hike!!! The trail started right across from my property, and we probably could have gotten there faster if the trail was a straight shot, it was great letting her take me somewhere I had never been and her taking control of the direction.  It was hilarious hearing her checking on me... "Ma, are you good?".  I responded "I'm grown, I got this but wish you would have told me to put on some sneaks!".  Gotta love that kid.  

Here are some of the pics we took.  I actually plan on making these again before the end of the year with some improvements.  I will be sure to make a tutorial this time as well.  

Heels: Zara
Tank: Vince
Leather Jacket: Vince
Necklace: Unkown, from Saks Fifth Avenue

Happy Sewing!  


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Traveling Abroad... London and Rotterdam (Picture Heavy)

Back again!

Sooooooo I have been MIA lately as the activity at work increased.  I was and am still getting pulled in 800 different directions and its been rather hard to get into my sewing studio.  I spent the week in Rotterdam with 2 day trips in London between flights.  I was completely and utterly exhausted, but was able to take these beautiful pictures.  Side note: I just got a new lens and am learning to get more and more creative.

I cannot wait to return early next year!

Have a great weekend!
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In with the old! Self drafted side insert wool pencil skirt

Real quick.... I made this skirt last year and completely forgot to blog about it.  I found it in my WIP basket even though it was completed (huh?).  Any who... I love this skirt and will be sure to wear it this year!  I got this fabric from NY while on a fabric dash lol.


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DIY Simplicity 1059

Hi loves!

I have been beyond busy lately and wanted to share with you a dress I created a couple months ago.  This was a simple make: Simplicity 1059 lengthened to my ankles.  This pattern was a breeze to create and will I will likely create this dress again.

The fabric is from fabric mart and unfortunately, is sold out.  I would definitely use THIS which is an ITY from Fabric Mart. 

Happy Sewing!

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