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DIY Ombre Dyed Maxi Skirt

Happy Hump Day!!!!

On last night I & cut dyed my gray lightweigtht polyester fabric (3 yards from JoAnns) with blue dye (specially for polyster) and made a maxi skirt.  I posted on my FB group Needles and Fashion and was satisfied with the way it came out.  Check out a couple pictures of the process, the overall time of dying my fabric was 1 hour as per the dye instructions....easy peasy!  I had so much fabric, I double layered it

I slept on it and wasnt really feeling the "flow" of the skirt on today.  So once I came home, I dissembled the skirt, cut the seams, added a blue waistline that I cut from the end of the skirt last night, made even and precise pleats (without doubling the fabric), and this is the outcome.... so much happier now!!!!



There are tons of maxi tutorials on Youtube so I wont bore you with the details of construction, I hope you like the turnout!
Dye time: 1 hour (as per dye instructions
Construction time: 30 minutes
Skill level: very easy
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