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A Little Bit if Love Can Take You a Long Way!

Now that Fall is in full swing, there no time better than now to break out the long skirts, and boots.  For this garment, I went with a graffiti type print mesh from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  The top is a stretch jacquard fabric also from FM that I've had for well over a year.  The mesh is now sold out, but here are some alternates that would look GREAT with this same concept:

Mesh:  I used this for a shorter version of this skirt and am in LOVE with the print  (HERE).  These are well worth a try as well  (Option 2), (Option 3), & (Option 4).

Top Knit:  The key here is to get a double/sweater/neoprene/jacquard knit with at least selvage to selvage stretch.  (Option 1), (Option 2), & (Option 3).

Construction:  I used (1) gold teeth 9" exposed zipper, (1) 29" by 5" piece of wool for the waistband and (2) 9" by 1/2" strips of wool to serve as a stabilizer for the mesh where I insert the zipper.  The waistband is basically my waist measurement plus 1" for seam the allowance.

I used 4 yards of fabric for this skirt.  The selvage edge is white on one end and fabric toned on the other.  I used the fabric toned selvage as the bottom of my skirt.  I was able to cut down the top to get my desired length without disrupting the other selvage edge which would be better than attempting to hem mesh!

I did a basting stich 1/4 from the top of the skirt and gathered my fabric down to 30".

I then prepped my waist band by folding a pressing a 5/8" seam on both ends to encase the skirt.  Once pressed, I pinned the skirt to the inside of the waist band, and top stitched it into place.

Once this was complete, I stitched and overlocked my seams with an 8" opening at the top to insert my zipper.

This process is really simple and should take no less than a casual hour.  

The top was my first creation using a bodice sloper I created from a craftsy class I took last month. The sleeves I took from a simplicity pattern I had not yet stored properly :).  M6886 would be a great alternative to the bodice I used.  The neckline is the same and the fit can be adjusted with ease.  

This outfit came together quite well.  After construction, I wore it to a private dinner party and it was a hit!  My favorite part of this outfit is the mix of prints.  I literally forgot I had the fabric used for the top, but found myself digging through my fabric stash determined not to create a solid top.  

Happy Sewing!
- Jenese 



  1. Hi Jenese, I just subscribed to your blog. Hope to have alot of enjoyable stories and some fantastic clothes to see

  2. Hi Jenese, I just subscribed to your blog. Hope to have alot of enjoyable stories and some fantastic clothes to see

  3. This is gorgeous! I love it when mixing prints go together perfectly.


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