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Made by a Fabricista: Work Wear

One of the item I make least is work wear.  I work in a pretty casual environment and have the ability to dress up and down with ease.  Over the past couple of months I have been collecting suiting and wool with the anticipation of making some great separates specifically for the office.

The fabric used for this project is 100% wool (great for these cold days) beige/blue/multi colored suiting with a very faint plaid design found (HERE).  This fabric can be found in the as is section at a great deal for the quality.

I  love to be chic everywhere I go, but I often fall short at the office out of sheer laziness.  There are so many projects I have this year as I approach my 36th birthday to spruce up my image.

This week's garment was constructed using McCalls M6901  with the following modifications:  Pockets omitted, legs widened by 2 inches from the hip down, and an invisible zipper on the left side.

The Top was constructed using Vogue V9075 bodice with the following modifications:
Lining omitted and replaced with facing on the front and back necklines, Sleeve lengthened into a full sleeve, and 2 6-8 inch wide peplum created by using the circle skirt and slash and spread method with a longer tail in the back.

I love this look and feel like it has me written all over it.  I wore it today to work after being out sick for several days.  Because I work in a heavily casual environment, I was complemented all the way into the door and to my office :).

Happy Sewing

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  1. This is a really nice outfit.
    What did you mean by "using the circle skirt"?

    Can you give any tips on making crotch adjustments when using patterns.

  2. Very cute look, Jenese! I'm lazy at work, too. I'm like, meh, ya'll are lucky I'm here!


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