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DIY Faux Leather high waist Cover Up Skirt (no machine required)

Great Afternoon!
On last night I created a cover up/all skirt in preparation of my much needed vacation.  I have had the image of this skirt in my head for the longest time and finally set aside some bandwidth to create it.  This is a quick and easy project to complete and can be accomplished on all sewing levels.
Supplies Needed for this Project:
Faux Leather (1 Yard 60" can be cut on the fold for this project and used to make 2)
Rotary Cutter
Black thread
(1) Hook and Eye
Time to complete: 1 hour
I purchased this awesomesauce fabric from JoAnns it is normally $8.99 per yard.  With my 50% off coupon, I paid $4.50 for a yard of this fabric.  I couldnt find it on their website but it has to be new.  I often check out the faux leather section and I can honestly say, this leather is very soft and the wrong side has a nice sheen to it.  It is simply beautiful unlike some of the harder styles they have had in the past.
So the first thing I did was create (2) 2" straps the lenght of my waist pluse 1 inch.
Next I seamed these two pcs on one side and trimmed the excess seam allowance.  I then placed folded muslin on top of the leather and pressed it carefully.

I then folded and pined the wrong sides together and pressed again.
Next, I cut out a piece of leather the length of my waist plus one inch by the lengh I wanted which was about 30 inches.  Using my grid ruler I began making 1/2 inch slits from the bottom of my fabric to an inch from the top edge.  It is important that you do this with a rotary cutter.  Using scissors will create uneven lines.
Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
All done!!
Up Next, insert your skirt (top 1 inch) into your waistband and pin....

Next... and this is the most important part... HAND sew your waistband to the skirt.  Do NOT attempt to sew this with your machine, the leather stretches and sewing with your machine will without a doubt ruin the fabric (be there, done that, took a picture)
Attached your Hook and Eye.....
and that is it!!! I am in LOVE with this skirt and cant wait to wear it on my vacation in June.
Happy Sewing






  1. What type of stitch did you use to hand stitch the waist band to the skirt?

    1. Hi Tiffany, I used an overlapping hand stitch for this item.


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