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DIY Square Shirt (super easy) and Jean-ius Jeans!!!

Good Morning Lovely People!!!!!!

On last week, I created a simple square top that is very simple and effortless to make as well as jeans constructed from my very first Craftsy class you can find here.  While the entire process took me a total of 10 hours, I am very pleased with the outcome. 

I purchased a groupon for craftsy class that you can access here.  I was given the link to the groupon deal from a member of my FB group AFTER I purchased Jean-ius for $39.99 on sale (the price is back up to $49.99 now).  SO USE THE GROUPON WHILE IT LASTS!!!! I have a variety of other classes I need to watch when time allows.

I purchased the stretch twill (denim like) fabric from mood here.  I love bold prints and this caught my eye immediately.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the fabric!

I created a Youtube Video for the tutorial and hope you all enjoy!

Tutorial Link  Here

Disclaimer (LOL):  After I created the top I inserted (2) 3 inch darts at the bust.  The shirt was a little TOO square in the end :)

- J


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  1. love this love it! Thanks so much for naming me in your blog! This was adorable!


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