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Syle File: The Perfect Tweed Dress. Get the look with M6465 and Mood Fabric!

Hello Sew Fam!

On my frequent search for inspiration, I came across this beautiful tweed dress by Rachel Zoe.  Considering the cost and hassle that is involved in dealing with quality tweed, I am inclined to feel the price of $275 is rather reasonable.

This dress has a very simple silhouette.....

How to achieve this look?  Well it is rather easy if you ask me. Instantly, I recall seeing a pattern that can be easily adjusted to make this dress.  That is  McCall's pattern M6465

And this lovely Tweed Fabric from mood found Here

B&J Fabrics also has a wide variety of tweed for reasonable prices Here

A little bit about tweed:  Tweed is a British fabric that was used for both sporting and luxury clothing.  Tweed typically has more than one color and at one point was only made of 100% wool.  Nowadays, Tweed is made of a varying mix of fibers.  It is in my opinion the difference between wool twill ($60-$275) per yard at luxury fabric outfitters like Mood and brands as prominent as Chanel, and ($40) per yard at found at your typical fabric outlets and including JoAnns.

Sewing with Tweed is considered to be easy for a beginner - intermediate seamstress as the weight and thickness can easy hide stitches that may not be perfect.  But on the negative side Tweed has a high probability unraveling of which can occur from simple handling during construction.  

Tweed is woven and as such will need to be stabilized.  You can do this by ironing on a light interfacing to the tweed.  For seams such as those at the shoulders, you will need to use twill tape.  Twill tape can be found online at your local JoAnns.

Tweed also requires time to drop.  Before finishing the final hems on your garment, you want it to hang overnight to drop preventing any uneven hems.

Ok so on to my version of construction....

My recommendations on creating this look with M6465.
1. You will need  Tweed, twill tape, and a lightweight lining for this dress.
2. Your sleeves will need to be extended 2 inches and widened by 4 inches to simulate the sleeve.
3. You will not sew the bust darts.
4.You will not need the bottom contrast on the pattern.
5.You need to cut tweed bias for your neckline (and lining). 

What do you think?  I think I this is something I will attempt this fall.  Of course, that will consist of finding a woven blend at a very reasonable price for my test garment.

Happy Sewing!



  1. NL6095 is also a good patter selection as well. I cant wait to see the finish look.

  2. That will be really nice once done, you can pair it with jeans, a pencil skirt.. dress it up or down big chains like CHANEL endless and a very timeless piece..


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