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Mothers Day Sew-A-Long

Mothers Day There is nothing better than being able to share your craft with the ones you love.  

My daughter, Jordan (10 years old) has had very minimal interest in sewing these past years.  While I have made her several garments in the past, her desire to learn was minimal at best.  Attempts in the past yielded a good hour of attention.  

I have been planning on re-introducing her to sewing with some fun summer projects.  My daughter loves summer dresses, shorts, colors!  

I used a hot pink/coral red/beige/white abstract print poly/lycra Charmeuse found (HERE). While I typically don't lean towards pink garments, I fell absolutely in love with this print!

My daughters pattern is Newlook S0814.  We opted for a mix between view D and view C.  I created view A of this pattern just last week and she wore it to her summer concert at school.  I believe her love for the dress sparked her wanting to sew this time around.

My daughter constructed 95% of her garment.  I assisted only with the attachment of the flounce and the final hemming.  I am so proud and could not stop smiling!  She could not wait to wear her romper to school the next day!

My romper was created using a mix of M6848 (bottom) which is my go to for my romper bottoms and V9085. I made several adjustments to the pattern to accomplish the look I received.  First, I cut the pattern 2 inches below the waistband (should I create this pattern again, I will likely double this measurement).  Second, I cut lengthened the center front facing to run the length of the shirt. I then attached the facing right sides together, then encased the facing for my next step which was the adding of button holes.  The first button hole was placed 6 inches from the next line and every 2 inches after.

The sleeves were constructed as per the pattern, but the sleeve casing was omitted and replaced with a hem and 1/4 inch elastic of which I used at the waist as well.  My daughter assisted me though this construction by serging and inserting the elastic.

I must say, it was a great Mother's Day!

My silly bean :).  Happy Sewing All!


  1. Aw you guys look great! I can't wait to sew (hopefully) with my baby girl!


  2. Adorable!


  3. I love this one too. You both look so amazing!!!

  4. Nothing is more exciting then mother daughter projects... Both you ladies look awesome... Very snazzy...

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