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Made by a Fabricista: Fall Prep Jumpsuit

Disclaimer:  I no way am I tired of this summer weather!  I have been traveling a great deal lately, and honestly, a little low on inspiration.  I cam across a jumpsuit (big surprise) and completely fell in love.  I love anything with top stitching, so this was right up my alley!

The fabric used for this post is a 100% Wool Gabardine fabric from Fabric Mart.  Although this color is no longer available, here are some other options...HEREHERE, & HERE.  The color options are endless!

Of course, I am always mixing patterns, the ones used for this garment are Vogue 9103 and McCalls 6930.

I installed exposed zippers for a unique finish in the front and back.  At first thought, I was going to use an invisible zipper, but considering the bodice and waistband was doubled, I didn't want to risk the zipper breaking.  Ironically enough, I had a 24" zipper in my stash and it work out!

The only adjustments I had to make was with the back bodice.  I ended up having to cut 2 inches from the center back and scale it down to the side seam in order to eliminate bulk once I completed the garment.  Other than that, everything worked out just fine.

Heres a shot of the top stitching.  I did in on one side instead of both just to have a small element of "pop".  I will be working top stitching into may of the garments I have planed for a mini self collection this fall.

I have a tutorial for the pattern adjustments (HERE).  I was a labor of frustration, but I was able to get it posted.  Just know my heart is in the right place!!! I have a ton of execution issues to work through that I must over come in the coming months!

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- Jenese



  1. Thank you Thank you!!!!! You are just what the sewing/blogosphere needed.
    A: You provide us with videos- not just content. Just what a visual sewer/learner needs. B.You Re-use and Re-design patterns!!!! (I'll admit I did a little holy ghost type dance!) Patterns from the big four, patterns people can pick up at Wal-mart ect. No need to feel limited because your coins are. Jenese got's you! Or if your finiciance is cool that means more money for fabric. Some bloggers who shall remain nameless. Claim they Re-use and Re-design the same patterns, but they don't show us how. (That's shader than palm tree and highly suspect in my book!) Sorry, I digress.Thank you again for breaking it all the way down, while illustrating that quintinity,budget, or whatever the circumstance is not an obstacle for talent and creativity Thank you again for sharing your talent and time, with the world.

  2. Lady u look SLAMMIN in this jumpsuit. I love the colour against ur skin. Ur shape is HOTTT and its gotta be said ur booty is sexeeee man it looks good lol not to mention the rest of ur body!!! ;) ;) U look so stylish and glamorous. U r killin this!! x x x x


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