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DIY Ankara High Low Circle Skirt

Hello Beaut's,

Below is a beautiful Ankara circle skirt that I made just in time for my birthday... unfortunately, it was entirely too cold to wear out! lol

I created this skirt with Ankara Fabric found here

Making a circle skirt is fairly easy.  There are many tutorials you can find on youtube and therefore, I didnt feel the need to create yet another!

For the back piece I cut (on the fold) a length of 42 inches and 1/4 of my waist which was 7 plus 1/2 inch = 7.5 inches.

For the front piece, I cut my shirt on the fold for the length I wanted (17" inches) at the fold and 30 inches at the side seam creating a high now effect as per below (remembering to cut the same 7.5 inches for the waist).
After which I created my waistband (7 inches folded in half) and sewn my pieces together placing my side seam and my waistband seam together.  the last thing to do is insert a zipper, I inserted a 9 inch zipper on the other side seam.

What do you think?



  1. love love love that skirt
    I'll make one like that


  2. Niceeee, luv it I'm making one for church :-) :-)

  3. Hi! I know that this question is late, but how do you hem this? Considering you have the curved bottom of the front butting against the straight edge of the back. Thanks!

  4. can you do a video to demonstrate better because i got confused when you the front piece since you wanted 17 inches at the fold and then you cut 30 on the side seam

  5. Nice Fabric design and with Great tutorial. Thanks for share. And yes, looking so HOT and Special on the dress.

    Fabrics USA Inc


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