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Saturday Project - DIY Mermaid Dress

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!!!

On Saturday I decided to make a mermaid dress.  I have made several mermaid dresses in the past, and wanted to creat an entire dress without having to locate a pattern. 

I originally purchased Simplicity Pattern 2053 for the cut in the neck.  Because this dress as a cinch, I needed to create a custom bodice from the pattern as per below:

To exclude the cinching, I drafted the left side of the pattern, cut out the left side of the pattern on my paper and folded it in half as per below.

From there, pulled my mermaid pattern from storage.

I then folded the front bodice pattern in half and taped to my mermaid pattern as per below. 

As you can see, the waists measurements for both pcs do not match. I proceed to cut the bodice to match the mermaid waist by cutting at the side seams as per below.

From here, I placed the pattern on my fabric and cut.
I then taped the mermaid pattern to the back bodice and cut as per below. No waist adjustments were needed as per below, I placed on my fabric and cut.

I used the last of my fabric to cut the pattern for the sleeves. I sewed the front and back pcs together at the shoulders, attached the sleeves, the stitched the side seams. That's it!!!!





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  2. I am so glad I found you you are heaven sent!!! You look fab in that dress I have so many questions #1 when you make a custom mermaid skirt pattern what waist and hip measurements do i use because I can't seem to figure out how negative I should go with knits mine is never form fitting if my hips are a 40 and my waist are a 30.5 how negative should I go for a form fitting look #2 what seam allowance do I use #3 when you sew knits what is your machine tension set to? I sew with a tension 4 and a straight stitch 5mm is that the correct stitch? #4 how wide is the mermaid skirt at the bottom #5 when you taper the skirt in at the knee right before it flares out how much do you taper? I have been having so much trouble sewing with knits I am trying to learn it all!!!

    1. Hi Sharitta. I will try my best to answer all of your questions if not, please be sure to email me or post on my FB group (needlesandfashion). 1. The mermaid template if for the front and back thus cuts 4 pcs. Measure your waist, butt, and hips and divide by 4. Mark this on your paper from the edge. Once you do this, add 1 inch to the waist and 1.5 at the hips to account for your seam allowances (5/8). Once done, connect using a curved ruler or eye ball it. Then, you measure your length. just above belly button to the floor (put on the shoes you will wear it with first) then add 1 inche for hem. from the edge I make a marking that is 18-20 inches out from my floor marking (this creates the mermaid swoop). then connect this line to your hip diagonally. then you got it!

      2. I use 5/8 seam allowance.

      3. I use tension 4 as well but 2.5mm instead of 5.

      4. at the bottom is 18 inches, i vary from 18-20 for no apparent reason lol.

      5. I describe this above, its by your hip measurement plus 1.5 inch.

      Let me know if this answers your question. I did this by taping a lot of 8.5 x 11 papers together, once you have your pattern, you are set to make it over and over again. I will try to make a video soon!!!! xoxoxoxo

    2. Oh and if you are doing the skirt alone, dont forget your elastic :)

  3. thanks for this ma'am.

    i want to try it out with a lace fabric. fingers crossed it turn out fab.

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