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DIY highwaisted swimsuit M5400


As I count down the days, hours, and minutes until my vacation, it was time to tackle the on thing I did not want to make.... another swimsuit.  I am making any and all attempts to wear garments I've constructed with care for the entire duration of my trip (with exceptions here and there...).  In an efffort to have a different swimsuit per day, I opted to make this number.  The top is a very standard triangle top with bust and neck strap.  The bottom is a variation of M5400 with a 4 inches added to the top.  

I was able to test it out at the pool with my favorite girl :)

Happy Sewing!



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  2. It was nice meeting you on Saturday. I love this fabric! I bought it too (from Fabric Mart) and made a strapless jumpsuit.


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