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A Day Abroad - Paris post-fashion week includes (2) Silk DIY Jumpsuits

Morning Loves!

Put yourself in the moment, you are in Paris, Fashion week has ended and the city is calming.  The weather is mild and the nights are cool.  What would you do in Paris?


According to Elle UK, Le Meurice is the premier 5 star hotel you don't want to miss!  Anyone who is anyone has had the pleasure of lodging at one of Paris' premier hotel.  For an average 419 pounds ($674 US) per night, you can bask in the luxuries of fine lodging and royal like amenities.  Le Meurice became popular in the 19th century for lavish entertainment and dinners that lasted over 12 hours!  The hotel is within 15 minutes of the Eurostar and 30 minutes to the airport.   this reason and this reason only, this is my type of hotel!  Le Meurice is literally a stone's throw from Rue St. Honore and Rue du Mont-Thabor  (shop, shop, shop).  For these reasons, Le Meurice would be the pime destination for this fashionista!


Well, In order to have a well rounded Paris experience, the doll must eat!  Outside of the walls of Le Meurice are endless options to fill your tummy!  

First up, Cafe De Flore, on the corner of Saint Germain and Rue St. Bernoit, Featured in many, many movies, Cafe De Flore is bustling with Paris city noise with outside seating often imitated globally!  There is even a sandwich named after Sonia Rykiel as this is one of her go to eateries between fashion week shows!  With the dew of the morning I would wear a silk jumpsuit paired with a light sandal and bag.  A simple start to the day with brunch on the street!

Check out my Cafe De Flore fit!

This Silk Jumpsuit was created using Vogue 1387 and New Look 6216.  The silk was purchased from Kashi at Metro Textile Company while in NY.  I LOVE KASHI!!!!! Metro Textile

Sight Seeing

Includes the norms, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, & Arc de Triomphe.  Shopping is best to include Montaigne Market as a one stop shop.  After all, this is one day right??  A rat race of sites and shopping is due to lead to.....


Luckly, lidging at the Le Meurice has its perks.  The best cocktail hour location in the area and gives me an ample opportunity to freshen up!  After cocktails at the Le Meurice, a rapid change of clothes is needed to prep for dinner


Time to head over to Pierre Gagnaire for authentic French cuisine in an intimate setting.  Critics rave over Chef Gagnaire's dishes and a sure stop on an Paris visit.  

The look for the evening come courtesy of M6898 and M6756 combined with a silky fabric found at your local Joanns.  The waistband of this jumpsuit was drafted but is similar to (3) times the width of the traditional waist band  on M6756.  This garment is paired with my DIY Lambskin clutch.  One of (2) created the fringe on this clutch is high low into a perfect V.  The flap embraces the rugged shape of the skin (purchased from Mood Fabrics). 

A day full of food, site seeing and DIY fashion.  What else is missing?  


Moving through a bustling city abroad can be challenging.  I have the minimalist of French in my vocabulary and would immediately feel overwhelmed at the chance I would not be able to communicate with the natives.  Uncomfortable enough, a plan of communication is as important as your passport.  

Smartling is a translation service which makes traveling abroad a breeze.  With solutions for corporate to personal needs, Smartling is a one stop shop for effective communication outside of your native language.  Smartling offers multiple platforms for translation from professional,  to computer generated.  Their platform is cloud based and provides translation solutions with speed and ease.  Speaking to natives abroad could come with just as much ease as having that language as your second tongue.  Check them out!  http://www.smartling.com/

I hope you all enjoyed my day abroad, my ideal pics and DIY outfits to wear!

Happy Sewing!


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