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Boulevard of Chic Wrap Up (picture heavy)

Good Morning Loves!

As you may know, I was invited as a VIP blogger and attended the Boulevard of Chic event at the Baltimore Harbor.   This is the 3rd Annual #BOC event and my 1st time attending.  I must say, I was very pleased to be a part of such and amazing event and look forward to participating moving forward.

Upon arrival, I checked in and received my VIP Badge 

From there I went on to the VIP tent to meet the event organizer Alyssa.  I was also about to meet a few of the Bloggers that were already on site, indulge in some cupcakes and enter the Blogger raffle.  

I wore my recently created wool jumpsuit and it was a HIT!

Next, I was on to the vendors.  First up were the Jewelry Vendors Including:

Trinity Rose Boutique IG: @Trinityroseboutique
Classic Edge Custom Jewelry www.designsbyce.com 
Fabrik Chic www.fabrikchic.com
Eikoh Design Studio www.eikohdesign.com

Here are some of my favorite pieces

I moved on to a couple clothing vendors that were not in trucks....

The below change purse' were too cute to pass bye.  The company Hip Klip has stylish solutions to hands free attachment of purses to your hip.  Check em out!
www.hipklips.com  too cute!

I then came across 36 letters, their custom approach to letter art gave me some great ideas for an upcoming event.  www.36letters.com

From there, I came across Ms. Taylor Shea of Flawless Damsels.... I was immediately drawn to the bright and stylish blazers she had (makes mental note to visit this weekend).

After a quick stop to the VIP tent, I moved on to the Boutique Trucks.

First up...  Hobo 

And my favorite of them all was this classic black Hobo bag, simple with clean lines....perfect for any outfit!

Next was Celebrities Mobile Boutique.  I was in love the the many options and unique jewelry!

Love this entire look!

From there I was on to Grass Roots Boutique on Wheels.  I love the simplicity of the clothing and the cute plaques displayed through the boutique.  BTW Grass Roots was created by a seamstress and has been in business for over 50 years!

My favorite is this back pack.  I just ordered one for short trips.

This tank is simply gorgeous!


On to Go Gorgeous... Ms. Laura's inventory is jam packed with hand beaded dresses and tops along with very, very stylish accessories.  I was in aw and am looking forward to shopping for some additions to my clutch stash.

This bag is to die for!

Oh and the Pink Armoire, by far the most glamorous mobile boutique I have seen to date.  From the clothing, accessories, shoes, changing room to the seating area, it is amazing what you can do with a converted bus.  I was very impressed!  I found myself putting looks together while inside and had a great time chatting it up with the owners.

I got my accessory fix at Charm City Boutique. See some of my favorite pieces below.
IG: @charmcitymobileboutique

 I then visited Side Dish.  First, I noticed the tag line.. I just love it!

Another accessory fix was in order, these pieces should be staples and any women's collection.  

Lastly, I returned to the VIP tent where I was able to chop it up with fellow bloggers.  It was also time for the drawings.  Be sure to follow them if you are not already and check out our pics. 

The Pretty Girls Guide IG: +ThePrettyGirlsGuide 
Do it with Sass www.doitwithsass.com

Such a great time!

All and All, it was a great event.  I can't wait to return next year and will bring you along with me!

Have a great week!



  1. That looks like soooooooooo much fun Jenese!!!! So glad you had the opportunity to experience this! Beautiful Jewelry and accessories I would be broke if I was there! LOLL

  2. Jenese, you look faaaaantabulous! You go girl!


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