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"Sew-whatcha-McCall-it" Jumpsuit M6436 + M6610

This is a super late post, but wanted to share after completely forgetting to post my bday jumpsuit "Sew-whatcha-McCall-it"

I think at this point you couldn't have been surprised I made yet another jumpsuit for my Bday... Why of course!!! :)

 This Jumpsuit consisted of stretch denim from JoAnn's fabrics and McCalls M6610 (Jean) and M6436 (button up shirt).  I slimmed the pants pattern from the outside seams, I ditched the pockets on the shirt, and cut M6436 right along the waist line.  For the waistband, I created my own from my waist measurements by 3.5 inches (x2 pcs).  I ensured my waistband fit perfectly on the jeans AND the shirt.  Where necessary, you can widen/shorten seams on both sides for an exact fit.  I then folded the waistband 5/8 inch on the top and bottom to encase both the pants and the shirt with clean seams.  I attached to the waistband to the pants first with right side to right side on the front.  The internal waistband was wrong side to right side.  Once this was completed, I attached my buttons!

This was my first time sewing M6610.  I am not sure why as I've made a ton of jeans and have had this pattern digitally and physically for over 2 years.  Either way, I loved the pattern and will definitely be sewing it again!



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