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Mesh Is The New Tulle!

Top of the morning!!

One one of many sales on Fabric Mart Fabrics, I was able to score 10 yards of multicolored mesh at a whopping $1.99 per yard.  I took 6 yards of this mesh and created a mini skirt, perfect for my vacation that is approaching.  I gathered a total of 216 inches!!!!  I doubled the fabric because it is after all... mesh!  My top is a very simple V8815 crop which is my go to for crop shirts. I paired this with a simply gold chain and bracelet, with Alexander McQueen Sandals. 

I hope you like! 

Happy Sewing!



  1. This skirt is mesh? Wow I would not of guessed it. I love the entire outfit.

    1. Me either! BUT when you get some things in your hands you can make it work! :)!

    2. Yes you worked that!!! So cute

  2. I would have never guessed it was mesh either! Great job!

  3. Gorgeous skirt And the looking is very smart. I appreciate it.

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