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DIY Floral Jumpsuit Simplicity 1355/S0565 Needles and Fashion May Sew A Long

Afternoon Lovely!

Wow is all I can say. Spring is in full bloom and we start another month of the year. May was a pretty busy month me, I got a lot of sewing done, but not a lot of posting. I have been running non stop especially professionally whew!!! I hope things level out this month because a sister need a little breather! I will be catching up on posting over the next couple of days while I begin to tackle the projects aligned for June. One of the sew-a-long patterns for May was 1355. I am pretty much a jumpsuit junkie, along with most of the members in my sewing group. When 1355 became available, I jumped on it right away!. I cut the pants for view A and the top of view C. This pattern was pretty easy to sew, took about 2 hours total from cut to finish and with the fabric, my total cost was around $25. TUH!!!!!!

The Fabric was purchased from Joanns at 40% off of $14.99 Here

Its a silky crepe fabric that I have purchased specifically for this pattern.   I will be making this jumpsuit again this month and will do a tutorial as well. I tapered the leg a bit as well.

Oh and my roses bloomed!!!!

Happy Sewing!!!



  1. Lovely jumpsuit. I think it's a summer must have.

  2. Your amazing! I love all your work. Did you go to school for fashion? Of did you learn all this by yourself

    1. Thanks Erica! I tried, it was very short lived due to my career :( so I am 100% self taught and am still learning :)


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