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DIY Suit with Layered Sleeves

Hello Loves!

I worked on this suit for about 2 weeks.  Sometimes you have to walk away from a project and come back with fresh eyes.  This was definately the case with this suit.  I dont like creating blazers... it is no secret to anyone that knows me.  On top of that, I wanted to create this horizontal pleat that I am in love with and cannot wait to incorporate into a leather jacket at the end of the year.  With all that said... this one took me through the ringer.

My fabric is denim and I continue to purchase this same fabric over and over again (same as my origami skirt) as I continue to run into it on the red tag isle at Joanns.  The day they have a red tag sale I should probably just buy the rest of it!

I used McCalls Pattern M6902 View D for the Jacket and Simplicity Pattern 1696 for my pants.  1696 is an amazing fit pattern that I attempted for the very first time.  Since I will be wearing this to work, I wasnt disapointed in my fit not being so "amazing" HA!

For my sleeves I cut my sleeve patter and placed on top of my pattern,  THEN I began to fold and pin my pleats.  Once done, I cut my sleeve out and continued sewing both the jacket and pants according the pattern instructions... I will definately be attempting this again.  Next time I am thinking of reinforcing the pleats with stitches.



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