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DIY Floral Jeans M6756 Altered

Happy Friday everyone!!!
On last night I completed my very first pair of jeans.  I must say, I have a ton of respect for people that sew garments for a living.  Anyone who khows me knows I am pretty much a jeans fanatic.  I own in the neighborhood of 50 pairs and cater my diet to fitting into them (not always successful though).  Jeans are the hardest thing for me to donate but I try.
While I could have very well used M6610 to complete this garment, I could not find it to save my life! (I am 100% sure Ive purchased it in the past).
Instead, I used M6756 view A, drafted it into a straight leg pant and removed 2 inches from the front to take away the high waist. 
Have you ever took a closer look at your jeans?  For my inspiration, I used a pair of hudson jeans and I duplicated all of the seams.... (note: you may want to cut your pants one size larger to accomodate for those seams).

I purchased the fabric from Fabricmartfabrics.com on sale for $1 per yard (no longer available).  While the fabric was cotton, it was not denim.  It has the thickness of denim and it why I decided to make my first pair of jeans.  Now I feel confident to cut into my designer denim fabric :).
I hope you like them!

- J

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