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DIY Contrasting Stripes Maxi Dress

Good morning Loves!

So I was scanning my IG yesterday and came accross a beautiful maxi and decided to make a version of my own...I have been holding on to this striped fabric for a couple weeks after learning it only had stretch vertically and figured this dress would be the perfect purpose!

I purchased the fabric here

The fabric is a double knit with just enough weight to flow with grace and enough thickness eliminate any lining.

Here is my inspiration.  You can also purchase this dress from Fondrens Fashion House at 601-362-9090 if you dont feel like making it :) I dont have an idea of the cost.

The first thing I did was create my bodice and waist out of muslin.  You can use a tank top to accomplish this as well...

I cut out my frint bodice first. To accmplish the correct lining of your stripes.  decide on a direction for your first piece and duplicate it to your other cutting with right sides together with the stripes perfectly aligned as per below.

easy peasy huh?  I had to do this twice :). 
Next I cut my triangle waist....For measurement purposses I used the width of my bodice.  Again I aligned my front peice to my back with right sides together and stripes perfectly aligned.
Next the hip to knee piece.  I measured how long I wanted this area to be based on the inspiration pic.  For m this was about 16 inches.  I placed my waist cut outs on top of my fabric and cut out this piece using my waist cut out as my guide for sizing...  Which ever measurement you choose, you want to make your markings according tot he waist cut out piece to create the asymetrical line.  For me, this was 16 inches from the highest part of the right side and 16 inches from the lowest point of the left side.  Dont forget to cut your fabric at the top according to the waist cut out piece.  Below is a pick of the hip cut out. Its turned the wrong way (the back is on top)
Next you need to measure how long you want this dress to be from the highest point of your hip cut out to the floor.  for me, this was about 34 inches (I wish I would have added more).
I cut this piece in a triangle using the widest part of my remaining fabric and aligned the top to my hip cut out piece.
Next sew your items together starting from the bottom to the top (my preference)
Now.... you are going to do plenty of fitting to this garment.  I decided to sew the front and back pieces together first, try the dress on and decide what adjustments needed to be made.  I believe this is the simplist way to do this especially if you are new to sewing!  This is a maxi dress and I didnt want it tight, but the placement of these stripes does dress it up a bit.  I am thinking I may take it in a bit more before I wear this for the first time.
Hope you like!!!!



  1. How much fabric did you purchase for this dress? Thanks...so loving this!


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