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DIY Pleated Skirt (no pattern)

Ever have just enough fabric to literally "throw" something together?  I have neen looking at this blue fabric for a couple of weeks.  I had just over a yard left after making a pair of jeans for a friend and decided I wanted a simple and fast pleated skirt.  There is not much madness to making a skirt like that.  If you know how to put on a zipper, you are pretty much golden.
Step #1 I cut out 4 inches of the fabric along the length of the fabric and folded.
Step #2  I double hemmed what would be the bottom of the skirt,

Step #3 Using my pattern weights, I pleated my fabric and keeping in mind I needed the complete garment to be no less than 29 inches (my waist plus 1 inch).

Step #4 I slid my weights down and placed my waistband on top of my pleats and pinned.  Once pinning was complete, I removed the weights. 

Step #5 Sew your waist band on using a  standard 5/8 inch seam allowance.

Step#6 Sew your side seams together and insert your zipper

Step #7 You are DONE!!!!
I hope you guys like my quick skirt!  I think it was a perfect use of the extra fabric.


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