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A little inspiration can take you a long way..... DIY Peplum Dress

Hello All!

On Sundays, I usually try to do as little as humanly possible.  The dreaded end to a weekend and the planning for the next can be very exhausting, so I use this time to netflix and DVR it up.  I was invited to a black tie charity event in March and thought I would scan revolveclothing.com for some black dress ideas.  Boy did I find a lot!  But there was one dress that although is not black tie appropriate was something very similar to my completed mini peplum shirt that I could not resist attempting to replicate.


Ok.... How cute is this dress???? I literally ran to my sewing room, pulled out some fabric and got to work.  It is literally to middle of winter in the DMV area and I decided I would not only use my V8815 pattern, but add some mesh sleeves to give it seasonal transparency. 

I cut out my pattern pcs as usual for the puplum pattern V8815 and for a 3 pc pencil skirt

I then took the back pcs of my bodice and cut out the pcs as closely as I could mimic from the original dress


From there, I sewed my pcs together, added my mesh sleeves, which was an after throught, and sewed the peplum on.

Note: when sewing puplum as per the pattern, you sew the peplums together right sides together.  For this pattern, I sewed the peplum to the skirt wrong side (skirt) to right side (peplum) and flipped the fabric over.  This creates a seam line accross the back area of the garmet that is not sewn.  All other pieces are sewn as normal/indicated in the pattern.


I really am looking forward to sewing more and hope to be able to create some fast and easy and most of all FREE tutorials in the summer time! Muah!!!

Up next..... My black tie dress!!!!!!!

Catch up with you later!

~ Bless



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