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I finally got my sewing room back up and running!!!

Ok so...... It's has taken me several, several months to get to where I am today.  I tell ya, having a hobby has been almost impossible.  With the move, the settle in, relationships, kids, and work..... I barely have time to do what I love so much which is SEW!

I purchased a sewing table from "As Is" pieces at IKEA.  The table top "110 inches" was only $10!!! The two bottom pcs were $20 & $15.  You can beat that with a stick!!!!

Neverthe less, I put these pieces together in my basement and no matter where I put it, it just was too big and in the way especially after I got the kids a foosball table.....UGH

Finally, after getting all the visitors from out of state I am going to get, and feeling like I'm not using all this space I have, I converted the guest bedroom in my basement to my sewing room.  (in enters happiness).

I have much more to do of course.  I really dont want to be bending down and getting fabric from the bottom, so I am going to purchase a bookshelf to house my fabric.

My best friend in Atlanta has these HUGE letters in her kitchen that spells EAT.  I love it so much, I'm going to put SEW in my room.  I havent decided what color I am going to paint it yet but I will be sure to post when I do!

Similar letters I am going to use are here.... http://www.pinterest.com/pin/266486502923822199/

I am so happy to be posting again!!! Muah

- Bless




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