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DIY Print Mermaid Skirt

Hello there again... Happy Hump Day!!

On tonight and after reconstructing my ombre maxi skirt, I created a quick mermaid skirt with some very pretty print 4 way stretch fabric I purchased from JoAnn's Fabrics.

I also created a quick guide create your own maxi template and loaded it to youtube on my channel NeedlesandFashion (no spaces):

Youtube vid...



You may need to do some adjustments once you sew your side seams.  Just follow the curve of the skirt and stop at the knees.  I also indicated the elastic is optional.  That is soooo not true!!! use the elastic (what was I thinking) lol.

I used this same template for my mermaid dress, when making adjustments, start at the armpit and follow the curve of the dress!

If you use my template please be sure to post on my FB group Needles and Fashion or send me an email at needlesandfashion@yahoo.com I would love to see them!



- J





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