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OOTD: DIY Wool Pants with Altered M6756 & Draped Top

Happy Friday!! 

Last night I began making an altered Wool pant from my favorite shorts pattern McCalls M6756.  I made a couple shorts from this pattern last summer and am in love with the way it fits my bottom :). 


With this pattern I simply measured the length for my pants and traced in the bottom portion for my pant

Once done, I cut out the waist band with an extra inch for a higher waist with the fabric that was left between the legs.

I also cut out the lining and sewed the pants as usual and added the zipper.
As for the top.... I decided to get a little bold and drape a top with the cut I have been wanting to implement into my fitness wear.  I was overwhelmingly intimidated but was able to get the cut of this top done with ease thanks to Nick Verreos and various other draping videos on youtube. Once I drafted one side of the top I removed the muslin and copied the same cuts on the otherside.  I also did the same with the back.  I would have more pictures but was not certain this was going to turn out in my favor :).  Once cut I added more notches which created a diagonal line down the front of my top.

From there, and after many fitting adjustments....... I purposely made it a tad tight as I have 5 weeks left in my T25 workout plan and expect to be at least 10lbs lighter, nothing like a little motivation to loose! LOL!


The fabric I used is 100% wool that I purchased from JoAnns's ($35 per yard, $17.50 with my 50% off coupon).  I was determined not to screw this fabric up!  Definately worth the investment!  I am so happy with the way this outfit turned out!  Many more to come!

Have a great weekend!!!

UPDATE:  My tutorial on creating the exposed shoulder DIY custom jumper covers creating the pants in this pictorial in detail!!!

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

Part #4

Part #5



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