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DIY Scuba Bra / Tiangle Top Cropped

Morning lovlies!!!!

The following top I created last night was inspired by Clover Canyon's Spring 2014 line.  As per below.

First I grabbed the  left over Twill from my black and white dress and cut out a waistband that was the length of my waist by 5 inches as per below.

After I cut this piece, I pressed my fabric and set aside. 
Now for the triangle tops.... I measured my cup size by using muslin.  I you do not have muslin, you can use the tutorial at the bottom to create you triangle top from a old tank top.  I placed my pre-cut triangles on the fabric to cut.  I cut 4 pcs.
Next I proceeded to create my spaghetti straps.  I used a youtube video (linked below) for a method using a string.  I dint have string thick enough, so I braided together 3 straps of scrap fabric.  I placed the string on the fold and went the machine to sew my straps.
I used the string as my guide and sewed very close to it.  When doing this, but sure not to stitch your string.  I find this method to me more successful than others due to the size of the straps.

After you sew your straps, cut off the edge 1/8 away from your seam and pull the fabric through using the string.  Do this for both of your straps.
Next, I sewn the darts into my triangle, added the spaghetti straps and sewn the front and back pieces right sides to gether. (my apologies for the upsidedown pics)

Once you sew the sides together, turn your triangle right sides out and your are done!
Next you are going to fold your waistband in half and mark your center front.
You will place your triangle straps on your waistband using the center front mark as a guide.  Pin and sew 5/8 seam from end to end.  Also sew a 5/8 seam on both end of your waistband

Now its time to attach your straps.  I would suggest you get some help from someone in your home or measure as best as you can.  Once you get your measurement, pin 3 1/2 inches from the center back (or place at your liking) and sew both straps.

You now want to select how you will close your top.  I choose hook and eyes. 
I attached these bad boys and I am done!!!

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Please see the following Youtube resources:

Sewing Spaghetti Straps - Also subscribe to this channel, very informative

Triangle Top Tutorial -  I didnt sew my triangles in half, just darted them like the inspiration picture. 


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