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DIY Pencil Skirt and Top - work wear

Good day all,

I wanted to share a quick project I worked on this past weekend.  I spend a lot of time making clothes for the spring and totally neglect my work attire.  I saw this fabric in the upholstery section and instantly knew what I wanted to do with it. 

Hope you enjoy !!!


The key to making a pncil skirt is really simple.  The same rules apply whether you want the zipper in the back or on the side.

First I measured my waist (entire waist, please 2 inches divided in half) and marked my fabric:


Next, I made a marking for my hip measurement (entire hip plus 2 inches divided in half) and mark.  I made the marking exaclty 9 inches below my waist marking which is the distance from my belly button to the widest part of my hip a la booty :)

Next I made a marking for the length of my skirt (length from waist down to your stopping point plus 2 inches for hem) and mark.
Then, I alter the hem marking with the the wideness needed for the bottom of my skirt for me, that is 7 inches.  I added an inch for seam allowance and marked.
Next I connect my waist measurement with my hip measurement.  I curve the seamline with my french curve...
And connect the hip line to the skirt bottom measurement.
Its rather difficult to see, but I complete the draft with the drafting the lines back to my center fold.  I also add (3) inches above the waist measurement for my waistband.
Now its time to cut.....

I then duplicate this measurement for the back pieces.  NOTE: I ended up having to cut off extra fabric in the hip area.  This can be accomplished by drafting the waist measurement about 2 inches slimmer than what I cut.
Next I split my back piece in half for my cetner back seam, back slit and zipper insertion.
Now its time to sew!  First you want to sew the side seams for the front and back pieces.  Once completed, you can sew the center back with an 8 inch allowance at the top for my zipper and an 8 inch allowance at the bottom for my slit. 
And connect your waist band pieces and fold in half.
Now its time to insert the waistband, zipper and sew the hem.... just like that you are done!!

Seems like a long process, but it really is not.  You can accomplish this skirt in less than an hour on any sewing skill level!!
I created the shirt from another tank I had :)













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