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DIY Origami Skirt

Hello All,

On Friday I created a skirt that I have been drafting all week.  I had many ideas but wanted to create something that would be easy to illustrate and create a tutorial from.

I must admit, I got very frustrated during the process and was determined NOT to post the tutorial.  After many requests, I decided to post what I had completed in hopes that you can construct this garment as I did.

the only thing that is missing from this tutorial is the attachment of the waistband. 

I used 6 inches of the enitre length of my fabric and folded in half.  Afterwhich I cut 31 inches (my waist measurement plus one inch).

I then pinned my waistband to my skirt and attached. 

After this I added my invisible zipper and DONE.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and please send me pictures on mr FB group Needles and Fashion.

Youtube Vid






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