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DIY cute little floral skirt :)

Happy Thursday all!

I created this skirt last night from scratch.  Only to learn that I had the exact same skirt in pattern form....I really do the most sometimes :)

Here is the pattern
The only modification from this would be to remove 2 inches from the top of the skirt and add 5 inches of waistband folded in half. 
Now for the hard no-pattern approach (I cant believe I had this pattern smh)
I used the entire 2 yards of this gorgeous fabric I purchased from JoAnns along with some left over houndstooth from my wide leg pants tutorial.  both are 100% cotton.
This piece is 2 yards x 43 inches
From here I grabbed my ruler, made a mark 4 inches from the left (not including salvage edge).

From this 4 inch mark, I made another 8 inches over
I repeat this until I get to the end of my fabric.  instead of 4-8-4-8-4-8 I made my marks 4-8-5-8-5-8.
After you complete this portion, you can dart your fabric at your 4-8, & 5-8 marks.  Said easier.. connect 4 & 8 and pin.  connect 5 & 8 and pin, connect the last 5 &8 and you are done!
There are three darts made here.
Next, you are going to spread the fabric between your darts, pin and iron down as per below. (be sure to remove the original dart pin, it will be harder to remove later!)

cute huh? lol
Ok now you are going to sew a 1/4 seam to lock in your pleats in!
repeat this same function on the back!
After you complete both sides, you should measure the front and back pieces to your body to determine if you need any adjustments OR measure your waistline add 2 inches, and divide by two.  You front and back pieces should be this length.  You also have anough fabric at both ends to adjust where needed.  I ended up cutting an inch and half off both ends. 
Next you are going to attach your pockets.  I measured 4 inches from my waistline and used my pockets from another pattern.
Next you are going to pin and attach your waistband
Lastley, your zipper.  Now, I am NOT a fan of pockets and zippers, but I managed to get this one on ok by inserting the zipper above the pocket #score.
DONE! Now if only I would have done this easy way a la pattern.

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