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DIY Black and White party Dress

Hello Again,

I wanted to post a quick upate of the Black and White dress I created over the weekend. 

To construct the top, you can use part 1 of my DIY Custom Jumper tutorial as per below.


Fabric used: White - Stretch Twill (5% Stretch)
                      Black - Faux Leather.

Zipper: White 22 inch invisible zipper

Skill Level: Beginner

To construct the bottom, you can follow a normal pencil skirt pattern or online tutorial with the zipper inserted in the center back of the top and skirt.  Attach at the waist and you are good to go!!!

- J
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  1. I'd like 2 make that using the same fabric but in royal blue. Where can I get the fabric

    1. Danielle, I got this fabric from fabric.com. Its stretch twill. they may have royal blue, that is my favorite color! :)

  2. Thank u. U r truly an inspiration 2 me. Thank u 4 sharing ur talent

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