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DIY Abstract Ankara Wide Leg Pants

Back again! :)

Below are the Abstract Ankara Fabric wide leg pants I created with fabric purchased from www.aknfabricsandtextiles.com they are really reasonable, each of the fabrics I used were $15 for 6 yards. 

The construction of these pants are exactly the same as my houndstooth wide leg pants using M6756 (my go to pattern) with the following adjustments:

When cutting the front and back of my shorts, I subtracted 2 inches from the side seam to allow for the alternate fabric AND using the following tutorial from my jumpsuit to draft the pants:

Once you cut your front and back pcs (minus 2 inches from the side seam).  Cut (2) 5 by (length chosen) pcs to add to your side seam.  For me, that would be 5 by 47 inches. Once you cut these out, cut each piece in half as per below:  (when cutting your piece, be sure to strategically place your measurement in an area of the fabric that compliments your other fabric).

Next, you are going to sew these pieces to your front and back pieces at the side seams using a 1/4 side seam.  I also serged all of my edges to prevent the fraying of my fabric:


Next you are going to place your original pattern piece on your fabric and cut off any excess fabric especially the curve in the waist area.
After you do this, you follow the basic instructions for M6756 adding your pocket and your waistband.  I also used the contrasting fabric for my waistband.
I hope you like!!

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